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Active Count

All RPF must comment or you will be removed from the Ranks An active count is needed to find out how many troops in RPF are active. Our ranks page has become full of inactive troops, and it’s time to

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Nacho War Over

Today, after a successful invasion of Fjord, myself and Nacho leader Beeky met to discuss a cease-fire. We agreed to a one month cease-fire, and both admitted we had no intention of re-starting the war after that period. Although the

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Invasion of Fjord – Successful

Hello RPF! Today we invaded the Nacho Capital of Fjord. When the battle got a bit boring, DCP came and joined in too! It was a fun battle for all three armies, and RPF was able to pull through and

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Site Downtime

IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT The Rebel Penguin Federation website,, will be offline for part of sunday. You will not be able to access the website in this time, but do not worry. RPF is moving our website to, and hosting it

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TOP SECRET This document is for RPF Troops Only. It must be protected from the enemy at all costs. The USRPF Commando is heading a fleet of ships with one goal. To take the Nacho Capital. The Rebel Navy is

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Message to DW

Oh hi DW, I see you declared war. How pathetic. Now you’ve told us not to bring up the treaty, as it shows we’re “afraid”. But we’re not the ones who couldn’t fight us 1v1, are we? Ok, so I’ll

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What do YOU think?

Hello RPF, Welcome to the first edition of a weekly post I’m going to be making, called “What do YOU think?”. These posts will basically give you a chance to tell us, the leaders, your opinion on different things going

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We’re coming

We started small We grew, but our success was short-lived Then, in the midst of a depression, we exploded. It’s time to explode again, RPF. It’s time to show everyone what we can do. RPF UK 2014 WE’RE COMING

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Massive Promotion Event on Monday

Hellooooooo RPF! On Monday (tomorrow!) we are going to have a MASSIVE battle! Along with the Dark Warrior’s, we will be facing the Nachos and Ice Warriors and taking the server of Blizzard! Blizzard is possibly the best recruiting server there

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