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Retirement Of Tax1//Jay [NOT FROM ARMIES]

Greetings my fellow soldiers,. I tax1 or Sir Jay has finally decided to retire and be an advisor on RPF. RPF gave me lots and lots of experience. Ever since 2007 when I decided to join i met new friends

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Tax1//Jay of RPF Fired.[Un-fired]

Recently, I have experienced downfall in RPF. I wished to make RPF all the way to the Top 3 on CPAC. It was a SUCCESS! We were in top 3 for about a MONTH! But now, I guess my time

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Deleted post

This has been Deleted by Sir Jay

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Why We Are At War With The Nachos

Hey RPF! I’m General Jay and today we will talk about why we went to war with the Nachos. Since some are asking, RPF started out as a rebellion against UMA. Since they were ruining the game with hacks and

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