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Hunt and Kill [RESULTS]

Today’s hunt and kill event was huge! RPF had 35 troops log on to have fun with other armies throwing it back to a 2007 battle style. This was another fantastic event. We had many armies join in like LT,

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WINNERS for the Valentine’s Day (Lil Giveaway!) REVEALED

These were the contestants: I put them in name picker so that each person had an equal chance of winning and it was random. And the winners are…

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Valentine’s Day (A Lil Giveaway!)

Here is your chance to win!

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Training/Recruiting a SUCCESS!

This was yet again, another amazing event. We hit Arctic to perform great tactics and formations. Not only did we perfect our previous learned formations, but we threw in some new ones we have never done before and they worked

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Retirement of Master Ninja

I’m am posting this on behalf on one of our greatest members, Master Ninja.

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Daily Inspiration #3

Hey RPF! This post is for you guys to remember our incredible sizes and tactics. We have grown so much as an army but we need to stay focused and keep up the hard and amazing work. We fight the

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RPF Training Event a SUCCESS!

Just take a look at this picture… isn’t it beautiful? Thank you Rebel Penguin Federation for holding an amazing training event. You acted as if it was a real battle with fast, quick and furious room changes. You performed tactics

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Why they tryin’ new outfits in war?

LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL. This post is an exhilarating tale about how “Ice Warriors” and “Nachos” have soooo many “troops” when they battle.

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Updates on the War [RPF vs IW] | The hidden pictures revealed!

It’s funny how CPAC posted all pics that showed IW’s GREAT tactics and NONE of RPF’s GREAT tactics. So, I put together a complication of pics for you to see from just today’s European/UK event. Enjoy 😀 CPAC, please add pictures

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AUSIA Invasion of Abominable [RESULTS]

Hello RPF. May I just say that we rocked this battle against the IW! We performed PERFECT tactics. Absolutely PERFECT that everyone logged on did them! AUSIA is growing bigger and better and if we keep up this GREAT work,

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