January 2018 Clothing Catalog Secrets: Club Penguin Rewritten

Hello all,

Today, CPR released their new catalog for the month of January! There are plenty of hidden items so let’s jump right into it!

If you want to join RPF, click here! We are the largest group on CPR and we have a mascot tracker at the aforementioned link! We also have fun events, parties, and more daily!

Now, on with the secrets!



Click on the fruit headdress to unlock the blue torero suit!

Click on the pink penguin’s hand to unlock the starlit sombrero!

Click on the bottom of the maraca to unlock the trumpet!

Click on the top flower to unlock the desert rose!

Lastly, click on the bottom flower to unlock the yellow fiesta dress!


Click on the “i” in the word hoodies to unlock the kimono!

Click on the treetop to unlock the brown shoes!

Click on the bottom of the penguin’s foot to unlock the flouncy!

Lastly, click on the string of the hoodie to unlock the messiness!


Click on the laces of the green sneakers to unlock the denim hip hop hat!

Click on the pocket of the jean jacket to unlock the vinyl messenger bag!

Click on the purple butterfly to unlock viking helmet!

Click in and out of this location 3-4 times to unlock the blue viking helmet!

Lastly, click on the spot of snow on the coffee shop awning to unlock silver star necklace!

That’s all of the secrets for this month! Check out the RPF youtube channel, which posts cheats like this and much more, by clicking here!

Fight the good fight!

Popsicle, RPF Leader


La flame!

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