Comment for Promotion! [Closed]

Hello RPF,

Promotions are going to be released shortly, in order to increase your chances of getting a promotion you should comment on this post using this format:

1. Your name on discord

2. Your rank

3. Your current activity level from 1 to 10 (10 being the highest)

4. A short reason on why you should be promoted



I don't really know what i'm doing

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103 comments on “Comment for Promotion! [Closed]
  1. DeltaPinguin says:

    I have been supporting this army as much as I can and I will for a while more.

  2. LetItMeme19 says:

    Master Sergeant
    I strive to attend every event, and when I cannot I provide support to the RPF members who do attend. I am extremely active in server and in event, and I hope I get a promotion. FTGF

  3. it is @call me maybe
    i am private
    i believe its 8 or 9
    because i am mostly on and also i took part in most of the events 🙂 tysm

  4. Van Vinc says:

    Van Vinc
    I attended like 40% of the olympics and uhhh rpf is cool

  5. Sammo479 says:

    I think I should be prompted because im always participating in the events (RPF Olympics) and I’m on the discord quite a lot

  6. WinterJack says:

    Though I sometimes miss main events, recently during the Olympics – I’ve been partaking in the events often and plan to try to attend more events during the week!

  7. veagan/smurfi says:


    it has been like 2 promotions from when i rejoined rpf, i have been getting exactly 0 promotions even tho i am private and its easy af to get promoted from private. also i have helped massively in the olympics in the ones that i entered as i was around 5th in the leaderboard by the end. rpf has been fun tho FTGF and have a good new years eve.

  8. Bibolino 1 says:

    Bibolino 1
    i think i deserve a promotion because i participated in various olympic events

  9. Blood Panther says:

    Second Lieutenant
    Briefly, while I have not been that active with the Olympics (just not really my thing), I have been busying myself making wiki pages for high up RPF members (Chip and Twitchy) and helping out as much as I can, I even got the Assistant role recently (thanks Tae).

  10. Flv9 says:

    I think I should be promoted as I have been very active in chat and in events while also being supportive and kind to all other troops thought to some people this may be false this is my opinion.

  11. Pedrocs Plays says:

    Scout Medic
    This week i was not as active as before but ill try to improve that and i attended almost all the EU and AUSIA but not US (bc its too late for me) and i helped my team a bit ( SUB-ZERO is the best)

  12. @call me maybe is pikachu XD

  13. NickPl4ys says:

    Name on Discord – NickPl4ysDSC
    Rank – Private First Class
    Why should I be promoted – Since school is over and I do not have to worry about my grades i will be on at least 8 hours a day,I respond to all messages I get and I help the RPF community.I will be entering more EU and Ausia events when I can and I hope we get Frostbite to Vicotry.Why I think I deserve it is because I think Being a few of the players who are always online is amazing and we can deffenetly do more than others as we get notifited alll the time,I am sorry if you do not understand what I am trying to say but I hope I get promoted. ~NickPl4ys

  14. Limbo Yeti. says:

    Well this week I was not that active 6/10 but last week I was 9.5/10 and I think I deserve promo for last week (that promotions not was given beacuse the site problems)
    Name: limboyeti(mikey gmd) colonel

  15. Blue16245(kingblueinfinite) says:

    Active level 8/10
    I have attended all the olympic events since day 1 supporting my team from last place all the way to second place. GO SUBZERO!! I am on the RPF Discord all the time even though I may not send messages as much. Thank you for having me, Fight the good fight!

  16. Chachkis says:

    Discord Name: Chachkis

    Rank: Sergeant Major

    Current activity level: 9/10

    I think I should be promoted because I have been very active in events such as the Olympics and other events before the Olympics, and I’ve been very active on the discord.

  17. wenxuan(wxbp) says:

    Master Sergeant
    I believe that i should be promoted because i have been very active in chat and Olympic events, i have been welcoming new members and helping/answering people who needed help on help desk and main chat if i know the answer to it.I love being in RPF 🙂
    RPF=Family ❤

  18. Princeofmom{ßℜAVΘ⚔ṨIX♛} says:

    activity level 9/10 i attended all the events except us its around 4 am over here and its very hard for me to attend and i think i deserve a promotion for this!

  19. risk08 says:


    I have been at my most active during the olympics and possibly would deserve a promotion but nevertheless, I will still fight the good fight!

  20. Jurij1234 says:

    Name: Jurij1234
    First Lieutentant
    Activity level: 6,5/10
    I’m active on discord chat most of the time but can’t attend events cause I’ve been very busy with stuff.

  21. AlinaGrey says:

    Private First Class
    Probably 9 1/4
    I think I deserve to be promoted because I’m online at least once per day, I try and welcome all new members when I’m online to see them, I’m always supportive of my Olympic teammates (GO SUBZERO!!) and I try to be as friendly as possible.

  22. AwesomeBob20 says:

    Lieutenant General
    I have been at every olympic game except for the Snowball one. I have been a very good boi (or mod) and active on chat 😀

  23. Silversurf says:

    1. Your name on discord- Sliversurf
    2. Your rank- Corporal
    3. Your current activity level from 1 to 10 (10 being the highest)- 6
    4. A short reason on why you should be promoted- If i ever find a mascot i always report it and i have been here since before Operation Blackout
    Thank you and fight the good fight!!

  24. Rockstarp09 says:

    Discord Name: New Pingu (Rockstarp09)
    I have tried to attend a few Olympic events although unfortunately i couldn’t attend all,
    I have also attended the Olympic Ceremony and will probably attend the Closing ceremony.
    I have tried to be as active as possible recently.
    Also, fight the good fight!

  25. Yized says:

    Yes I decided to drop out of the olympics due to university work, but I have always been loyal to the RPF. Helping people out and working towards goals.

  26. SkyeDVS says:

    I’ve been very active recently, and have attended most of the events, which makes me think I deserve a promotion, but if I don’t I will continue to try and work hard for the RPF.

  27. GregoryP2k | CPGames2010 says:

    Master Sergeant
    I deserve a promotion because I’m active in chat, attend events and welcome those who joined the Discord server for the first time.

    Fight the good fight!

  28. Trackling says:




    I have attended most Olympic events (AUSIA and EU, also a couple US ones when I stayed up unusually late), I’ve been very activate in the Discord chat as well as being kind and respectful to other members. I also make it a priority to report new CPR updates (e.g. stamp fixes) and mascot locations.and I also reported Tubas who were recruiting on Sleet to a CPR Mod and got them kicked. Fight the Good Fight!

  29. trants says:

    i think i deserve a promo because i do attend most events and i always share what i know is happening in club penguin rewritten also i am always honest.

  30. Oham says:

    Private First Class
    I have attended as many of the Olympic events as I can, including almost all of the EU events, and I always try to be welcoming to new members of The RPF.

  31. Mr Mushroom says:


    Lieutenant General


    I have attended most of the Ausia and EU Olympic events and I’m talking a lot in the chat everyday. I’m not sure when I joined RPF, but my guess is in June. I was leading some tactics when I think we spotted some nachos people in the Oasis Penguin CPPS.
    Fight the good fight!

  32. gaypike says:

    scout medic
    i attended in many winter olympics event
    i missed rpf and i was back for a week or two…
    but i have alot to do, and its rly hard to attend in events when u have those things from school that u have to get finished.
    im trying to attend as much as i can!
    i hope to see u again soon.

  33. Dils/Dilssuperboy says:

    I attend mostly every normal event, I haven’t had time to participate in the Olympics due to some family issues. I’m also quite active on Voice Chat.

  34. michaeljeff2 says:

    Attending events when I can.

  35. Arnor says:

    Second Lieutenant
    It has been an honor to help the RPF for quite a while. It’s been months since I’ve been here, and so far everything that I see is going smoothly, and nicely. I have attended alot of events. But as you noticed, the reason why I’m not typing that much in the chat is because Christmas, and the New Years. After that, I will be much more active. Although, I really wanna help the RPF more and support it and most likely give it care. Perhaps, If I was to become a moderator, I would do my job correctly without no struggles. Everyone knows me as a nice, and helpful guy. That’s who I am. Thank you for reading this. Happy New Years! And Fight The Good Fight!

  36. Reyder says:

    I am always active in chat, and I try to attend when I can. I get a ping everytime someone types in #help-desk (Pizza is helping Anme rn and it is distracting) and usually respond near immediately. I think I handle moral dilemmas well, and distribute punishment where they’re due, including to myself. I am glad to be apart of RPF. Salute.

  37. Z3Back says:

    1. Your name on discord

    2. Your rank
    Private First Class

    3. Your current activity level from 1 to 10 (10 being the highest)

    4. A short reason on why you should be promoted
    I have been attending to most of the events this month and tried to help my team by getting gold, silver and bronze medals which I did! 2 gold medals, 1 silver medal and 2 bronze medals. I have been active mostly on events, but not as much in chat which I try to be. Although I haven’t been so active in chat, I have still welcomed new members to our army and kept spreading RPF in Oasis so more people will join.

  38. DaftBasilisk says:

    I have attended all of the AUSIA and EU olympic events and have tried to win it for my team. Also I like to chat with new members and help new members around RPF.
    FTGF and Happy New Year! 🙂

  39. NiallPlays says:

    Master Sergeant
    Although I haven’t taken part in much of the olympics as it isn’t really my thing I have been on discord everyday for the past 4 weeks. I know I haven’t talked much on it but I have definitely spoken more times in the past few days which is really good as I have a thing where I hate talking to people.

  40. RPF Penguin says:

    RPF Penguin
    Master Sergeant
    In the past couple weeks whenever I had freetime I would log on to discord and see what was going on. I attended all the olympic events a could. I suggested the journalist role and it became a thing. I reported the “nachos” on penguin oasis and we fought them and won. I have been helping the rpf since 2010, but I joined recently. FTGF!

  41. Orange37408 says:

    Master Sergeant
    I have attended a lot of events and helped people in many cppses.

  42. Max 186 says:

    Max 186
    Second Lieutenant
    Activity level: 10
    Reason: I have been attending the winter olympics and participating on them as well as being active on discord

  43. Nick Green says:

    Master Sergeant
    i could not make the Olympic events due to my friends wanting to play other games with me, (PUBG for example). But i attend pretty much all of the normal events and i am always active on the discord.

  44. Rachel says:

    I have been attending a lot of the Olympic events and normal events and being on Discord at least once a day.

  45. cmk1705 says:

    I have attended a good amount of the olympics and have been friendly on chat and had some could conversations when helping people out. When someone new joins I make sure to welcome them so they feel that they want to stay. I have attended US and EU events but I had things to do but still made time for the RPF.

  46. Monikasen says:

    Scout Medic
    I attended as many events as I could, considering I’m spending the whole Christmas break at my cousin’s house. I always cheered my team on, supported them, and tried to help answer any questions they had. I keep striving to improve myself as a rebel but also the whole RPF. FTGF!

  47. Racer says:

    Racer’s Reckoning
    I’ve been somewhat active despite my busy schedule, however, I’d understand if there are still concerns about me staying put. I seek to regain that trust I’ve lost.

  48. lettucegal
    I have been attending a ton of olympics/events recently and have been quite active on chat!

  49. Rocker125 says:

    Master Sergeant
    The question that can come to your mind is, how is my al (activity level) 4?! Well, as i was out of city (and contact) i couldn’t chat much in RPF discord. I claim i was inactive while being out of city and contact. please promote me, i will be very happy and grateful after a promotion. Thank you and remember to Fight The Good Fight!

  50. Faware says:




    I have been doing what I can to fight for the RPF

  51. phoenixeevee says:

    DJ Maxx
    Uhh I barely attend the events/Olympics and uhhh I’m kinda active tbh, I’m horrible at welcoming ppl since I’m slow so.. Yea I’m sorry..

  52. Coolguy1608 says:

    I’ve attended most AUSIA and almost all of the EU events. Even though Oasis doesn’t work, I still come online everyday, I help new troops and I hype for events. I constantly remind people of the rules and believe I deserve my mod rank back.

  53. Rtuyt8 says:

    Sergeant Major
    The reason I should be promoted because I love RPF and I contribute to the cause

  54. tazyrpf says:

    Brigadier general
    I am a very humble, noble character and the best if a soldier. I’ve been the most active person on the discord and helping out new comers. I’ve attending over the two weeks event every event and had a great time. I’ve helped people in #Help-desk and being a loyal person. i deserve this promotion because I have attended all of the AUSIA and EU olympic events and it been a honour serving RPF as a moderator, I feel like it is time for me to move up a rank and show my true dedication towards RPF. ill be a great Major General and it will show people that i care about RPF. i also feel like I deserve this promotion as last week we never had one and it been a while since ive had a promotion (like a months or more)
    I give a warm welcome and helping the new people with there ranks ect ect.. I remind people of the rules and tell people to not break them or i delete stuff like (memes on mainchat or spamming) and is always happy to help. FTGF.

  55. Fluo says:

    I have been attending events, and talking on discord a lot.

  56. Keemyorg123 says:

    Keemyorg123, Lieutenant General
    8 or something like that/10
    Uh so I’ve been quite active since the olympics have started and uh yeah do whatever you want to do. 👌

  57. Gabby says:

    Sergeant Major
    I try to remain active in chat as best i can. But besides that i enjoy my time at RPF and am glad im apart of this amazing army.

  58. Hstergirl says:

    I have been actively participating the past couple of weeks. I have attended most of the Olympic events, even the ones I didn’t enter in time to join just for support. I not only attend US, but EU events as well if I can.

  59. Skater Potater says:

    Discord name: FamousSkater aka Skater Potater.
    Rank: Corporal
    Active level: 9
    Reason for promo: I have been very active on discord and I have made it to as many Olympic events I could even if they were in a different time zone. I have also been very kind to everyone that I could.

  60. Rpfguy says:

    Over the two weeks I have been very active both in chat and at events, attending 10+. I support those who need it and I’m always friendly towards whoever is in the chat. I also have been trying to get my Olympic team motivated and to listen to more jazz… But mainly more motivated. FTGF

  61. Queeniealex says:

    Second Lieutenant
    I think that I should be promoted because over the past two weeks I have been attending mainly two events per day but occasionally only one, I have been attending Ausia and Eu and sometimes I stayed up to do the Us. Also I have been very active in chat and friendly to everyone I’ve met in chat. I like to welcome new troops to the RPF and make them feel included.

  62. queenmab says:

    i attended most of the olympic events, and if i couldn’t participate i was usually on anyways to give motivation. and im always on the discord server.

  63. robert12343 says:

    Master Sergeant
    i have attending most olympics/normal events and being active and welcoming new people and recruiting in penguin oasis and some discord servers and i will always…

  64. calcaldeds says:

    Mme Orange
    I participated in a majority of the events in the second half of the RPF Winter Olympics, and showed great team spirit, even though we got second.

  65. Alienhunter says:

    Second Lieutenant
    I’ve been pretty active on discord and despite being busy I attended the EU and US snowball events, being one of only 4 or 5 frostbites to attend the EU event

  66. Trydox says:

    Private First Class
    I’ve been attending most olympics events, giving advice and support to some members of my team when needed. I’ve been pretty active during this month, participating in unscheduled events, interacting with other members and being as loyal as possible to this great community. FTGF!

  67. Raneaosama says:

    Sergeant Major
    I am very active at events and in Discord. Also, I try to help as many people as I can. I am very social and kind and do my best to help RPF. FTGF!

  68. musicmingo says:

    Master Sergeant
    I’ve been attending most of the olympics and I have been striving to attended normal events when I can. I’m always helpful and bubbly on discord and I make sure that everyone is clear with what is happening and if they are confused. FTGF

  69. Steven North says:

    I’ve been attending quite a few events already, even though I am rather new to RPF; my goal is to remain loyal to RPF for the rest of my CPR life.
    Thank you.

  70. Ragnar123 says:

    Big Boi Rag
    Master Sergeant
    I am very active in chat and attend most Eu and Us olympic events. I welcome all new users and sometimes recruit.

  71. Nyctofire says:

    I’ve been active in chat for the past two weeks, and represented my Olympic team in many events. When I’m not participating, I’m constantly cheering them on.

  72. Cocoa P says:

    Cocoa P
    Sergeant Major
    Ive been highly active on the discord, always talking and helping my team, Evergreen, and cheering on my team mates on. I feel like I’m ready for the next level of being a member of the RPF.
    Thank you for consindering
    -Cocoa P

  73. daniellem says:

    sergeant major
    I’ve attended most of the olympic events that I can, being there to support my team with spirit while still being a good sport and being kind to the other teams. Not only have I attended EU and US events, but I have even attended some AUSIA events, even though they are at 5am for me. I am also extremely active on the Discord servers, and I welcome new recruits, help them get adjusted, and I try to be available in help desk in case somebody asks a question that I can answer. Overall I fight the good fight as the best RPF soldier I can be.

  74. nosesweaty says:

    private first class nosesweaty
    i think i have been attending all the time but sometimes i just cant be on for example school and ive been attending as many events as i can i think all together now about 7 to 8 events through my career in the rpf.Thankyou for reading and i hope u think i should be promted

  75. Eesa
    1st Lieutenant
    fairly active, attend a lot of events, (not good at olympic events tho)

  76. Eesa
    1st Lieutnenant
    Been fairly active for events, not so much with olympics tho bc im not very good

  77. Cleyton says:

    Private First Class

    Attended Olypics card jitsu,hydro pump

  78. BScharbach2 says:

    BScharbach2 [KFC Clan]
    Private First Class
    8 I have attempted to attend most but i missed some of the Olympics cause i feel i was on the internet too much and cut back for 4 days. i missed 3 or so events in that time. (and getting banned from CPR accidentally for a day)
    I feel i have done well to encourage and recruit on both Oasis and CPR and i think i have done well in events. FTGF

  79. Stormyblade says:

    Discord : Stormyblade#8228
    Rank : Private
    Activity level : 7/10
    I think i need a promotion because Ive been pretty active last week in my opinion, and even got some points for Subzero ! 😀

  80. TherAi says:

    1st Lieutenant
    I haven’t been active on both the chat and participating in Olympic events (reason: exams) so I doubt I’ll get a promotion. I will be back in February and continue serving the RPF.
    Just a heads up.
    Good luck everybody with promos!

  81. Marija113 says:

    I attended all the Olympic events except the first one and the last two(because I broke my computer and just got it fixed). I attended the first event even though I wasn’t included, and I always cheered on my team. So if I got a promotion I would extremely appreciate it and I try to help as much as I can to RPF.

  82. CheeseWaffle says:

    I’ve been attending 1 event every day (sometimes 2) for the olympics and am decently active, FTGF.

  83. m klein says:

    m klein

    I believe I should get a promotion because I have been very active recently. I attended most Olympic events, usually the US ones but also some Ausia and EU ones. I always support my teammates (Subzero) and CHEER FOR EVERYONE! I also love to chat on discord and make friends. I would love to get a promotion! RPF is so fun!

  84. qazwsxedc16 says:

    Name: qazwsxedc16
    Rank: Master Sergeant
    Level: 8
    I try to attend any events i can if it does not interfere with school or family.

  85. 1337mishka says:

    Sergeant major
    Just an update because the website was down: I attended most of the EUand Ausia events only missing about 4-5 of them. I am always active in the discord, help people who are new, hang out on for, attend as many events as I can and enjoy the community.

  86. Ninja82618/aqulappi/N1nja says:

    2. PFC
    Well i have been active in chat and i have attended all events i could attend, also promo would encourage me ftgf and being more active.

  87. xxKiraxx says:

    School has held me down,and with the break….i tried to participate in the olyimpics, but got discoraged, (ask pop) I am trying my hardest and i am active on discord at lot. the “bad guys” can be over my dead body. As one of the youngest members it was hard to fit it in (especally with my sister danielle, as i tried to be the same) but i came through despite asking to leave. My commitment is with RPF. FTGF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  88. Plane17 says:

    Sergeant Major
    I believe I should be promoted because i am always trying to be on the discord and im helping out in any way I can, I helped chip out with making a video on the RPF youtube channel. I am always trying to help out new recruits and being active in chat

  89. PenguinISLIT says:

    PenguinISLIT Colonel activity level is about a 8 I have attended Olympic events and hyped them. I try to help out I the chat as much as possible and think I will be a great mod. I always have fresh ideas for events that I show to leaders also.

  90. SamTheWhale says:

    Master Sergeant
    I attended most of the past events and i always try hard

  91. CloverCloud says:

    I attend most events, and i am pretty active on discord

  92. Ritzi says:

    I attented all the Olympics events I could, and i was always very encouraging for my team. I am on discord everyday and i am very friendly with all the others. I keep recruiting penguins on CPR and on Oasis. I love RPF and everyone in it. FIGHT THE GOOD FIGHT!

  93. wafflessss3 says:

    i think i should be promoted because i attented MOST of the rpf olympic events and was pretty active in the discord

  94. wafflessss3 says:




    i think i should be promoted because i attented MOST of the rpf olympic events and was pretty active in the discord

  95. I am PotatoGaming on discord
    My rank is private
    I’d say 6 but just know that everyone’s activity levels are decided by the people and they want to look good so they can get the rank.

    See I don’t want this rank really because I am already helping people without a fancy rank, but people just want to have a rank as it is cool I guess. Their are many people and this is like a lottery. I’m going to end it here because discord is no big deal and this is nothing.

  96. NewYearPackGuy {MASTER SERGEANT} says:

    NewYearPackGuy {MASTER SERGEANT}
    Rank: master sergeant
    Activity level: 9
    Reason: because I have been very active and fought with the Candy Canes (even though we lost) and for the RPF in general. I’m am so polite nice and understanding as I can. I also help new members when possible! FTGF

  97. lucy0600 says:

    Private First Class
    I attended most of the winter olympic (either participating or cheering on) and I try to help fellow RPF members and new RPF members every time I am online, RPF has given me purpose and ‘d love to take on a higher responsibility. All the best to everyone else who’s applying!
    Fight The Good Fight!

  98. HawkGuy RPF says:

    RPF ColdHawk

    Private First Class


    I have not attended any Winter Events( i wasn’t looking foward to) i have attended one event this week and i’m not proud. I’m hoping i can recieve a promotion. I’ll try attending more events in the future until then What’s my name!

  99. Vishal72002 says:

    Attended all olympics event except one sled race. I had kept an eye on CPR servers in case armies were not raiding and brought a few people to RPF. I had also hyped for EU events too.

  100. medu5a says:

    RPF medu5a



    I’ve attended some of the winter events for Team Evergreen (not all of them because some are about 1am for me) and I’m quite active in chat. I provide help at the help desk when necessary and I can listen to colleagues and receive and give advice when needed.


  101. 1. **Name on Discord:** Junie17125
    2. **Rank:** Second in Command / Noob
    3. **Activity Level:** 7.8/10 IGN
    4. **Reasoning:** i beleev i shud get promted cuz i fite da gud fite vry gud plz

  102. Gan10 says:

    I didnt attend some events at rpf olympics cause I sometimes am playing a game and I dont know whats happening in discord or I just have to quit sometimes rarely. But I try to attend as much events as I can but sometimes its impossible for me, I sometimes help people that are new or visitors when Im available.

  103. gnrdocarmo says:




    I participate in several events and olympics in rpf when I’m online and when I can try to help the beginners max, but I can´t move up, pls GIVE ME THE PROMOTION.

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