Our future

Alright so I underestimated you. Well not really I know you’re all great :P. Anyways, from the active count comments so far I have learned RPF is much bigger and more active than I first thought. That’s really good and it’s crazy cause we’re only going to get better. I am also looking forward to fixing the ranks once this active count is over so everyone will be happy and receive the rank they deserve. Some people are highest member and should be officer, others are low members and should be somewhere in the high member ranks but aren’t because some inactive people are holding the rank. That will change because anyone who didn’t comment will be taken off the RPF ranks so RPF can be a greater experience for us all. Also another thing. I assure you that we have plans to evolve into something great. CP Armies is just our beginning. I cannot say anymore about this topic at this current time but just know if you think RPF is awesome now it’ll be like a million times more awesome in the coming months. 

Until then, waddle on!

Fight the good fight.

Oh and while I’m here: RPF is the best at performing tactics/formations in battle, I have never seen anything like it before. 


https://rpmarines.wordpress.com/ Rebel Penguin Marines Activated! December 2017.

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2 comments on “Our future
  1. clubxlcboys says:

    Rpf should be bigger.I need a bigger and stronger rpf. 😀

  2. Crose003 says:

    I couldn’t find my rank on the rank page, is that because of the active count? I believe I should now be a lieutenant colonel (that’s after the 2 promos from lil’s contest).

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