The ULTImate Contest (Results)

Hey, everyone.

I plugged all the people’s names who submitted an entry into a random name picker:

And the winner, of the ULTImate Contest, is….



You have won the ULTImate contest.  I’ll make sure the code for the 7 Day Membership gets to you somehow.

I did have a second code, however, so I decided to give it to the next person that showed up on the wheel.  And that person was…



You will also get a code for a 7 Day membership.

That’s all I have for you today, RPF.  Keep fighting the good fight.

︻╦̵̵͇ υℓтιρєηgυιηנ: тнє aѕѕaѕѕιη || яρƒ 2ιc  ╤──────

I've been in CP armies since summer 2013. My first army was the Nachos, which I quit after 2 weeks. Then I moved to the Rebel Penguin Federation. I also was a co-creator of Legion Sky Warriors.

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11 comments on “The ULTImate Contest (Results)
  1. 彡ŚŤÁŔ฿ŐĨ4ī4彡ŔṖF 3ĪƇ彡̅ᴇᴍᴘᴇʀᴏʀ sᴛᴀʀ says:

    Yes I was blue *smirk*

  2. NeonRainbow says:

    Congrats to you both!

  3. OMG. I was above Ransor! lol. Good game guys. And congrats both of you!

  4. zeroreploid56 says:

    Congrats winners *clap*

  5. Tax1 says:

    Good Job Troops. I need to get a member ship to for RPF items

  6. St Ransor says:

    Yay I got the membership code! 😀 Thx so much everyone!

  7. brigade3 says:

    Lol. I shouls have entered.

  8. clubxlcboys says:

    Congrats to you both *claps* 😀

  9. Sky Blue36 says:

    Congrats!!! I was…pink :o!!

  10. (Taqi)Master 4444 Lance Corporal Airforce Ausia says:

    Thx everybody! Thanks ulti! i love RPF!!

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