The Retirement of Silverburg

Hi everyone,

It’s been almost 7 years since I’ve joined RPF. In those 7 years, I’ve met some of the most amazing people. Not only in RPF, but around the whole community. I’ve served for many armies, and I enjoyed being in every single one. But it can’t last forever unfortunately. You can’t be a teenager the rest of your life. At some point you have to leave. That’s why I, Silverburg, retire from CP armies. It’s been a long, but a great ride, and I have all of you to thank for that. Troops, officers, fellow leaders, 2ic’s, all the same. You’re all equally amazing. Here are some people who I’ve came across who are pretty cool.


Commando717: From my first day in RPF to the last day, you were always there being awesome. You taught me basically everything about leading, and for that I give you the most thanks out of anyone. Good luck with your band 😉

Elmikey: I remember the days when we were both n00bs. Good times 🙂 You have become an amazing leader, and an even more amazing friend, and I wish you the best with this amazing army.

Lilstar: Lilstar, out of this new generation, and even out of the old generation, you have been one of my favourite leaders and one of my greatest friends. I’m never going to forget those duets from Frozen we did on chat 😉 Keep leading RPF, and keep being the same, amazing Lilstar you’ve always been 🙂

Brooke: From the day I rejoined to today, you’ve always been amazing. I’m so glad you rejoined RPF, and I know that you’ll pull off the princess job just fine 🙂 You’ve also been one of my greatest friends, and I’m gonna miss you lots :c

Vo Yo: You’ve always been there to talk about hockey with 😛 You’re also a fellow Canadian, which is awesome 😀 You’re a future leader for sure, all you have to do now is give up on the Canadiens and join the Red Wings 😉 In all honesty, you’re awesome. GO CANADA GO.

PJ: Until like 2 months ago, I didn’t know you that well. Now I know you, and you’re one awesome dude. You’re an amazing leader, and I wish you the best with that UK division.

Abhinav: Abhin, you’re an amazing AUSIA leader. You’re a great recruiter, and I know that when you return as AUSIA leader, you’ll do a way better job then me 🙂 I hope you the best, and you’ve been an amazing friend.

Loyalty: Loyalty, you’re for sure going to be a leader of the future. You’re amazing, and you’re rocking that 2ic position currently. Keep being awesome, and good luck 😉

Snaily5: SNAILYYYYY. You’re so awesome, and you’ve taught me lots about being a good owner and AUSIA leader 😀 You also have really cute cats :3 You’ve been an awesome friend!











Rocket EMS




Big Musty




Spi101: OI WTF M8





Final Chaser







Boomer 20



WW (aka Fever Fighters)



Lord Albaro












The reason why I’m retiring is because of school and family troubles that need to be taken care of. I love RPF, but I started to take it way to seriously. I started to lose sleep for wanting to attend events that weren’t in my time zone. I wanted to help RPF so much, but I took it too far. I started to get bad grades, and now I need to get myself back on track, as I’m soon going to need to plan a future for myself.

Now, as a finale, I’d like to thank the group of people that I admire the most. The troops of RPF, the officers of RPF, and the leaders and 2ic’s of RPF, as well as the advisors. You are the most amazing group of people I’ve ever met.

As RPF soldiers, we all have fire inside of us, and when we unite, we ignite a fire strong enough to scorch anything in our path.



P.S: I’ll still be advising AUSIA, I’ll be making the schedule and I’ll try to attend events from time to time.

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20 comments on “The Retirement of Silverburg
  1. LilStar says:

    Silverburg… my dear and amazing friend. I love you to death and you are like a brother to me. I’m gonna miss you soooo much. I hope you have an amazing endeavor out in life and get school and family worked out. You have been one of the most impeccable troops ever. I loved your amazing attitude and your high spirit and determination. I will always remember you when I think of Frozen and RPF will always remember the mark you made to the army. I’m crying because you have been one of the greatest friends I was able to “meet.” Visit chat when you can BUT never delete kik because otherwise I’d be extremely sad. If you ever need anything or someone to talk to you know where to find me. Good luck bro. You will be severely missed.

  2. taibhsestradivar says:

    We’ll miss you, Silver. One last hug *hugs*

  3. FREEZIE66 says:

    Even though we barely talked after you disappeared after like December you were a pretty cool guy to talk to during those times. You’re honest and open minded and that’s something I can honestly respect.

    And although you’ve served RPF long enough, you just never know if you’re truly done or not..I was gone for 3 years and I returned.

    Stay chill bruh..enjoy retirement ^_^

  4. nikunj67 says:

    why why you retired

  5. christensenchester says:

    We will all miss you Silver ;(

  6. *sniffle* that was very touching…. I WILL MISS YOU SO MUCH!!!!!!!!! Wait Oagalthorp it in IW?

  7. pinkratgirl says:

    I will miss you Silver! And the post made me cry……. 😦

  8. nvm that part after the last exclamation in my last comment..

  9. clubxlcboys says:

    Is He retiring seriously.was he temporary? 😦

  10. ultipenguinj says:

    Dang it, Silv! Come back and visit, man.

  11. kathy8479 says:

    Welcome to Retirement Island bruh 😉

  12. NeonRainbow says:

    G’luck Silverburg. You always have been a great friend/leader I didnt know you from the start though but Im sure you were a great friend then too 🙂

  13. zeroreploid56 says:

    Sad to see you retire 😦 Good luck in real life my friend and goodbye.

  14. You will be missed Silverburg. You were an awesome friend and a good guy to talk with about Hockey. GO CANADA! You know I will never join the Red Wings *wary*. Anyway, Good luck in life and be sure to visit 🙂

  15. 彡ŚŤÁŔ฿ŐĨ4ī4彡ŔṖF 3ĪƇ彡̅ᴇᴍᴘᴇʀᴏʀ sᴛᴀʀ says:

    *sniff* You will be missed

  16. spike97702 says:

    i didnt know but im sure you were a good guy. we all will miss you and remember the our saying fight the good fight. even if the fight is long from being won

  17. theviper2001 says:

    *salute* Good Bye. I will miss you very much

  18. Crose003 says:

    you will be missed.

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