So far we have been transferring the current domain over to the new self hosted server, this process could be completed at any time, but COULD take up to SEVEN DAYS. Meaning for the time being, the main address of the site will be, and we would like everybody to start using that address this week since it’s possible that, if everybody was using, the site would just go offline randomly whenever the transfer decides to be done, and wouldn’t know how to access the site.

When the full site update is complete, going to will take you to the brand new

Sorry for the delay on this, but at least we’re not crippling RPF totally in the process.

– Commando717

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7 comments on “New Possibility | VISIT SITE AT RPFRULERS.WORDPRESS.COM
  1. nikunj67 says:


  2. NeonRainbow says:

    The new improved RPF site will be more…. fun πŸ˜€ and I like FUN

  3. tompenguin6 says:

    lol I don’t get what he is talking about

  4. 12simi12 says:

    Yes sir! RPF game is up!

  5. programninja says:

    The dark warriors are making fun of us, claiming they won the war, and are making vids making us look stupid. I propose we either Inturupt some of those raids they’re planning, or fight back on their capitals with overwhelming numpers (40+ if possible to put those cocky army to shame).

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