DW’s still tryna invade?

Message to Dark Warriors: All of your invasions are invalid and you surely don’t want RPF to kick your ass again. Earlier today I received a message from Freezie telling me that he will call off the invasions against RPF if we don’t help DCP since apparently DCP declared war on DW. I replied back “LOLOLOL you’re invading RPF?” he said yeah. I said his invasions are invalid due to an unbreakable treaty standing until March 1st that Freezie himself imposed. They try to use some BS excuses to why the treaty has become invalid. But frankly it is not, and RPF will simply ignore DW. Since the pathetic DW that I hope nobody ever joins are continuing down this path I will begin taking action and the USRPF will assist the DCP whenever needed. & DW, I assure you that you do not want that treaty to be invalid. RPF/DCP will invade you until you are no more. Do you want that? I sure wouldn’t. So DW, this is your time to stand down and quit pretending to be that ‘good’ army you wish you were. Also, I know RPFs uniform is awesome and all but did you really have to copy it when you created your wanna-be army sometime in 08-10?


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7 comments on “DW’s still tryna invade?
  1. clubxlcboys says:

    They are Invading on Invalid Events? this is cheating 😦

  2. Elmikey [RPF Leader] says:

    (ono) No we have a treaty and they’re still trying to invade although the treaty still stands until the 1st of March.

  3. FREEZIE66 says:

    RPF resulting in relying on Big Musty to beat DW?

    How the mighty have fallen..

  4. I guess DW doesn’t know the meaning of INVALID or TREATY or UNBREAKABLE 😆

  5. snickers4763 says:

    Can’t they just wait a few more weeks

  6. Money Guy 6 says:

    After the first sentence I was like one of those guys in the smack-cam videos. Those people who scream and jump up and down.

  7. Crose003 says:


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