Message to DW

Oh hi DW,

I see you declared war. How pathetic. Now you’ve told us not to bring up the treaty, as it shows we’re “afraid”. But we’re not the ones who couldn’t fight us 1v1, are we?

Ok, so I’ll start talking about the treaty. Here is what DW said:

If you pull up some irrelevant treaty that was made by people who aren’t involved in the current DW Leadership, that proves you’re afraid and know you can’t beat us.

People who aren’t involved in the current leadership? What about Crazy? Looks to me like he’s still a DW Leader. So your point is completely invalid.

Once a treaty is signed, it stays in use even with leadership changes. But what you’re trying to say that if there’s all new leaders, then the treaty becomes invalid. Even if that were true, that doesn’t change the fact that Crazy is still a leader.

But seriously, you realise how pathetic that is? It defeats the purpose of a treaty. You do this and we’ll have armies popping up every day telling their leaders to retire for a day whilst they declare war and go against a treaty, because it becomes invalid when a leader retires, right?

Next, DW said this:

This all rolls back to August 2013 when RPF stabbed the Dark Warriors in the back and helped SWAT against us for no reason.

You do realise we only fought about 2 battles before the war ended? And we helped SWAT because they were significantly smaller than you, and felt it was unfair for them.

They ended it with this:

What’s the difference between RPF and DW Elm? DW can live without prime leaders, RPF just goes into lower top 10 without you.

Am I correct in thinking that DW has fallen (quite a lot) every single time that Freezie retired? Yeah, I think I am.

Dark Warriors, I hate to break it to you, but the treaty is valid. When 2 leaders who signed it retire, it doesn’t become invalid. Don’t believe me? Go ask CPAC. I’m sure even the worst enemies of RPF will agree that a treaty, is a treaty.

This is exactly what happened before in DW. They broke an unbreakable treaty and suddenly the army fell apart and the community turned against them. Remember that?

If somehow you can explain how the treaty has become invalid, even though it’s an unbreakable treaty, there’s still one leader left who signed it and it doesn’t expire for a month, then the war can go on.


Proud Ice Warriors 2ic. Former RPF Leader and Legend.

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8 comments on “Message to DW
  1. zingking2 says:

    Well I’m a Nacho and to respond on your comment of “I’m sure even the worst enemies of RPF will agree that a treaty, is a treaty.” I will confirm. A treaty is a treaty and if DW signed a treaty, they should honour it regardless of who the leader is.

  2. […] This is in response to DW’s claim that “if RPF brings up a treaty, it’s invalid because it was made by previous leaders, and it just shows how pathetic they are”. The entire post can be seen here. […]

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  4. Crose003 says:

    volk they didn’t actually declare war….those dirty treaty-breakers 😡

  5. NeonRainbow says:

    So they broke a treaty?

  6. nikunj67 says:

    broke treaty?

  7. yes…. well at least they TRIED TO! They don’t realize that a treaty is a treaty no matter if the ppl who signed it ARE RETIRED!

  8. theviper2001 says:

    Dw did declare war against us when they planned a invation of our capital. Also the crent leaders of DW thought that if you told that you were invading on main chat with no leader on it is still valid even if no leader knew about it.

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