The Final Hours…

Today is D-Day

The day we have all been waiting for.

This is it.

Today the Rebel Penguin Federation will turn the tides in this war. The Nacho/IW alliance has been trying to kill RPF all week. They’ve been invading us at the same time on different servers and worse, causing RPF to lose much of it’s nation each day. This is the day that all changes and the Ice Nachos or whatever they call themselves feel the full fury of the RPF. We will stand strong and we will win

RPF has over-come many obstacles over the past 9 months and we are still standing strong as #1. Today we will invade the capital of the Ice Warriors and when IW/Nachos beg for mercy we will continue to march over them. The IW guaranteed their death when they declared war on their once ally, RPF. 

Through the suffering we fight, no end in sight.

Fight the good fight.

About Rebel Penguin Marines Activated! December 2017.

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4 comments on “The Final Hours…
  1. ultipenguinj says:

    One of the main things I got from this: Never call yourself the Ice Nachos. That sounds terrible.
    Message to the Ice Nachos: if your acronym is “IN”, time to get out.

  2. Elmikey [RPF Leader] says:

    LOLOL I made up the name Ice Nachos lol

  3. Crose003 says:


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