RPF hellloo hello hello!!!


*salute* … Hello RPF!

it seems a lot of people have joined over the past few days and I just want to welcome you to the Rebel Penguin Federation. CP Armies are kind of like real life armies, armies compete for ownership of land (servers) and try to be ranked the best. We invade/defend servers for our nation. If an army ran out of servers due to enemy invasions they would be considered dead. An army needs ownership of two servers to be considered an army and 5+ troops must be logged in for it to count as a valid invasion. When an army goes to invade another army they must give 24 hours notice or else when they log-in to invade the invasion will be invalid. During CP Army battles you will compete by performing better tactics and formations than the enemy and also throwing snow-balls. You must also have a larger size so you can guarantee your win. 

Fun Fact: RPF creator Commando717 invented the concept of nations into armies in 2009

RPF Right Now: 

RPF has been at war with the Nachos on/off since our return in May 2013. I was Commando717’s second in command in RPF when it was first created in May 2007. I was second in command until I retired at the end of summer. RPF was created because Underground Mafias Army General: Commando717 and his friend Taytay606 realized they were fighting for the bad guys and instead wanted to fight the good fight. They made their own army to rebel against the evil UMA who were at the time a major CP Cheats site and were defeating the ACP in a massive war. That war was fought for many months and things were going very bad for ACP until the Rebel Penguin Federation was formed and in three weeks time was a super-power alongside ACP and fought against UMA to defeat them. UMA never recovered. That was WWIII.

Anyways, I was retired from RPF for about six years. During my retirement i probably visited RPF one to three times a year, if at all. That all changed in May 2013 when I got a message on skype from a friend name Matt (Tal) saying Commando717 returned to RPF and was adviser. I never thought he’d actually return but he did, and I believed it was my duty to also become adviser and help RPF. My help was a lot better than anyone could have thought and they ended up making me leader. I already immediately knew what I had to do to fix this army and make it great again. I had to do a lot of things like ban the many people who would hold back this army and more. In about 1-3 days RPF jumped in size from about 15 to 20-25 and everyone was celebrating. I was confused as to why they were because I did not think that was a very big difference, but to the world of CP Armies 2010-2013 (Pre-Summer) that was an incredible rise. It was enough to grab the attention of the Nachos who were the unrivaled super-power meaning nobody could stop them and they were known for killing small armies and preventing them from growing. They tried the same thing with RPF but little did they know they were messing with some of the best legends CP warfare has ever known. For 3 weeks RPF was unable to grow and if we were any regular army we would have died. But we didn’t and once we over-came that 3 week obstacle we began to thrive again. I scheduled a practice battle with ACP and RPF maxed an unbelievable size of 50. I knew then we could take on the Nachos were were slightly stronger than that. A day or so after RPF declared war on Nachos and invaded Aurora and it all changed from there. RPF hit sizes of 70-100 on Club Penguin something no army has done in two years+ and defeated the Nachos after a Summer-Long war. Since summer of 2013 RPF has been in on and off wars against the Nachos, and went to war with many other armies and won.

A few days ago RPF was having a friendly war against the Nachos just so both armies can stay active and have something to do but then the Ice Warriors declares war on RPF and everything changes. Nachos use that as their chance to get back at us for defeating them and exposing their true colors during the summer. So this week RPF has been getting it’s nation invaded and picked apart by two armies at once. They invade at the same time on different servers, and they also merge together as two armies in one to try and defeat us. The war wasn’t looking too good for RPF until today. Today RPF invaded the Ice Warriors capital with sizes of 50+ and at the same time Dark Warriors declared war on Ice Warriors, Golds declared war on Nachos & so did the Dorito Army. So now the tables have turned on our enemy and we will stand strong and show them no mercy. Make sure to report to RPF chat during scheduled battle times so RPF can defeat these evil armies once and for all!

Fight the good fight.


https://rpmarines.wordpress.com/ Rebel Penguin Marines Activated! December 2017.

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4 comments on “RPF hellloo hello hello!!!
  1. WELCOME! NEW MEMBERS OF RPF!!!! You joined the right army if you are looking for the BEST!!!!

  2. theviper2001 says:

    Welcome the the rebel penguin federation.

  3. NeonRainbow says:

    Welcome to the RPF. And that is our little history for the RPF, be on chat whenever you can and check the site for new info everyday and comment, that is a way to get promotions, and if you have any questions PC (or Private Chat) an owner (the ones with
    the golden pawn). I hope this helped once again welcome to the Rebel Penguin Federation 😀

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