Updates on the War [RPF vs IW] | The hidden pictures revealed!

It’s funny how CPAC posted all pics that showed IW’s GREAT tactics and NONE of RPF’s GREAT tactics. So, I put together a complication of pics for you to see from just today’s European/UK event. Enjoy 😀

CPAC, please add pictures next time that features both armies and their sizes and tactics. The pictures posted were obviously in favor of the Ice Warriors. We would like some recognition for our hard work too! Thanks!

EK 1

EK 2

EK 3

EK 4

 EK 6

EK 11

And no, it isn’t a 6-0 war. We tied on two battles as well. Yes, IW did take some servers but they did NOT obtain 6 of them yet.

Watch out. RPF is striking back… FAST.


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10 comments on “Updates on the War [RPF vs IW] | The hidden pictures revealed!
  1. Taibhse/Stradivar says:

    I came. Lol, CPAC must grow up. Taibhse is dissapointed, CPAC.

  2. NeonRainbow says:

    CPAC posted the battle? Hold on I need to look *wary*

  3. tomredsoxlover says:

    i came

  4. aquabluejet1 says:

    Pj even admitted himself it wasn’t a win for RPF in the 3 battles. Even if two of them are a tie, it’s still 4-2-0

  5. aquabluejet1 says:

    Sorry, I got the war facts wrong. That count is only from after the UK events held yesterday.

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  7. Crose003 says:

    I pretty much summarized this post on a comment on CPAC. it got like 10 dislikes XD. Oh well, here in RPF we don’t care what the other armies think of us 😀

  8. 彡ŚŤÁŔ฿ŐĨ4ī4彡ŔṖF 4ĪƇ彡̅ᴇᴍᴘᴇʀᴏʀ sᴛᴀʀ says:

    Lol im in all of these 🙂

  9. Always a conspiracy with you guys huh?

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