Fight the good fight

We didn’t declare war, and my invalid war post was up for a total of 10 seconds. I realized that a 3rd party was again attempting to start a conflict between armies so I drafted the post. The same 3rd party which I believe attempted to cause a civil war in RPF and continue attempts to inflict maximum damage to RPF day-by-day. These individuals are literally ******** on the game us WWIII (2007) vets once enjoyed and they’re rubbing it in our face. They try to make us believe things that aren’t true by making super sophisticated bias CPAC posts. Or saying things simply like “CP Recruiting doesn’t work” cause hmm well it seemed to do well for the Nachos long before I returned or “Armies can’t max 40+”. And didn’t they hold #1 for like 30 weeks and ALL other armies were small? Furthermore, the individuals in this ‘third party’ are all good friends likely for many years on xat, likely since 2009 . They participate in the highest ranks of CPAC and some other CP Armies, some are retired. There intention is to do everything in their power to ‘do harm’ to RPF and any who share the same views as RPF. They will do harm by any means necessary, fortunately for me I am strong enough to withstand all their petty try-hard attempts to hurt me or RPF.

Blue1 told me during the start of the Nacho vs RPF war that he couldn’t post anything that made RPF look good because Nachos would get mad and they’d lose “business”. CP Armies used to be a good and great thing, over the recent years it’s become something dark and twisted and it’s thanks to these people who only reside in our game of CP Armies to make a buck or two. Here’s a video of CPAC attempting to start some sort of rebellion or civil war within RPF (again)

 Thank you General: Mo for recording some of it. I was at school and couldn’t get on to banish the terrorists Bluesockwa1 and his pathetic followers. Blue1 became owner during a tournament and he left afterwards and no one knew he was still owner or would commit such acts. He took advantage of our trust, we thought he would be a good person cause he was CPAC CEO and all but we were fooled. Just like how I was a fool to try and report Nachos auto-typing to CPAC in Early May ’13, but that’s another story itself. Just know Nachos invaded Tuxedo that day and that marked the day 1 of never ending daily attempts to kill RPF by any means. I had to do a chat reset when I got home and apologize to the RPF members due to the ruckus Blue1 caused. Blue1 we consider you a weirdo and you will be ranked as a terrorist to the RPF and forever banished. CP armies could of been something massive and fun years ago but due the selfishness idiocy of these people it’s not.

CP Armies are at the end of the road but I assure that RPF won’t be in any form of darkness during these final days and we’ll be partying it up & rising day by day having the most fun possible being an army on CP.

“Now, because we’ve left this game we leave many things up to the general public to deal with”. – Compwiz/Pink Mafias [uma creators]

CP Armies wouldn’t exist without those people ^ When CP armies were left in the hands of the next generation following WWIII they failed and CP Armies since then have only been looking at the past reminiscing about how good 2007 was. People said CP recruiting didn’t work, and army leaders stopped playing CP. Armies didn’t recruit since 2008. And everyone kept saying the words “You can’t” or “It’s Impossible” So yes I am right when I say armies have failed, and it’s because of these people. Now they’ll try and hit me harder for making this comment but I don’t care, they will never reach their goals.  They only entertain me because they prove to us how pathetic the human race can be.

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6 comments on “Fight the good fight
  1. Reblogged this on Galactic Penguin Force and commented:
    Wow. Idk how many posts are named Fight the good fight. IW WILL PAY FOR THIS

  2. 彡ŚŤÁŔ฿ŐĨ4ī4彡ŔṖF 4ĪƇ彡̅ᴇᴍᴘᴇʀᴏʀ sᴛᴀʀ says:

    I was there. It was horrible. Ulti and I had to ban so many people. Lol it was like the CPAC chat after a tournament waiting to hear the winner.

  3. Crose003 says:

    that video was ridiculous. They really stooped that low?!

  4. theviper2001 says:


  5. Teigan says:

    When you say “RPF wont fall into darkness or something along those lines all I have to say is our motto is infact “When darkness falls” so. :/

  6. Mo10000 says:

    sorry guys,but my computer just crashed because of so many messages and working items,luck that the VLC file saved in my computer,we coulda never have a video,no secons,no minute,thank you very much, and im VERY SORRY for not being able to record more

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