RPF vs IW & Nachos [Results] |SUCCESS!!|


Today the Ice Warriors and Nachos were scheduled for a practice battle but at last minute they decided to raid RPF’s capital Tuxedo together. RPF was on stand-by mode, RPF soldiers had no idea what was happening, all RPF knew was to be ready to log-in at any moment. Instead of Ice Warriors and Nachos battling each-other like they planned to do they instead raided the RPF Capital Tuxedo in a failed attempt to taunt RPF. Little did IW & Nachos know RPF was ready to log-in full force. RPF and IW landed at the Docks while the Nachos stationed in the Ice Rink. After a few moments the RPF was greatly outnumbering IW and they retreated to the Town to try and escape. RPF got to the Town as soon as the IW ordered their troops to retreat. After about 2 minutes in the Town the IW retreated to the Ice Berg. By that time the Nachos were in formation at the Ice Berg and IW retreated their with them. RPF got in and fought both armies at once. Words cannot describe how well RPF did in this battle, that is why I recorded and a video will be posted soon. RPF had better sizes than both armies combined and our tactics & formations were flawless, RPF was quick to switch rooms and followed orders perfectly. RPF executed this battle with perfection and we slapped both the Ice Warriors and Nachos off of Tuxedo. This battle will go down in RPF History as one of our greatest victories.

RPF maxed sizes of 45+ on CP

Fight the good fight



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22 comments on “RPF vs IW & Nachos [Results] |SUCCESS!!|
  1. 彡ŚŤÁŔ฿ŐĨ4ī4彡ŔṖF 4ĪƇ彡̅ᴇᴍᴘᴇʀᴏʀ sᴛᴀʀ says:

    I attended 🙂

  2. 彡ŚŤÁŔ฿ŐĨ4ī4彡ŔṖF 4ĪƇ彡̅ᴇᴍᴘᴇʀᴏʀ sᴛᴀʀ says:

    I also found out a sweet glitch 😀

  3. starvsblack/rebelpikachu says:

    I came

  4. Azncutegurl7 says:

    Attended, awesome turnout we got!

  5. Red Kevin 11 says:

    I came, but left early, sorry.

  6. Pinkratgirl says:

    I attended, I woke up at 11:56 am PST and was like “I HAVE TO GET ON”

  7. gionna4 says:

    I attended! Great job RPF! 🙂

  8. mannpal123 says:

    I came my user is kd35beast

  9. Oh an X… How original.
    It’s not like you used an x the PAST 3 TIMES.

  10. zeroreploid56 says:

    I attended 🙂

  11. theviper2001 says:

    Congradulation Sorry i could not attend Internet Problems

  12. Elmikey [RPF Leader] says:

    We did much more than an X but it’s just remarkable how quickly we go into formation. We are well trained.

  13. zyxwv124 says:

    I attended, Nice job rpf!

  14. Frosty701 says:

    I came

  15. St Ransor says:

    I came`!

  16. Taibhse/Stradivar says:

    Came, saw, conquered.

  17. Com1con3 says:

    i attended

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