Saturdays Tournament

On Saturday we will go on Klondike about 20 minutes before the Tournament is scheduled to start. We will all meet at the Ice Berg and gather up and try and get everyone online and together at the Berg before the battle starts. Once the scheduled time comes people from CPAC will announce the room to go to in RPF Chat. Both Armies will storm the same room at the same time in hope of having equal sizes in that room. Both armies will tactically compete and whoever does the best most consistent tactics/formations by the end of the 30 minutes wins. Since CP Rooms only hold 70 penguins and there will be a lot more online that means some people will get locked out. Do not worry if that happens, just go on the hunt or wait for the next room change and try and get in as fast as you can before it’s full. As long as you were with the gathering of RPF in the time before battle where our size is counted then you will be counted for attending the tournament. Each online RPF makes a big difference. 

About Rebel Penguin Marines Activated! December 2017.

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One comment on “Saturdays Tournament
  1. We will win this time once again! 😀

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