About “Promotions”

Stop asking for promotions. On days I have time to promote people I’ll go through the pictures from the events or go through the comments and promote people who attended. Promotions do not happen often.So stop complaining, if all you care about is your rank you will end up hurting RPF and no one wants that. Just realize nobody here gets paid for this and it takes hours to do everything. If you comment regularly on RPF site and attend events you will be promoted it might not be that day but eventually you will be. I log on to make sure RPF gets bigger sizes at it’s next event, some people log on to get “promo”. Well If I only got on to be promoted, not make RPF the best then it would not have gone anywhere.  And I made RPF #1 without even being leader, anyone can too.


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9 comments on “About “Promotions”
  1. Crose003 says:

    good post. quit begging guys.

  2. pinkratgirl says:

    I think we should say “look at the rules at the bottom of the page” when new people go on chat so they know not to ask.

  3. ikr Elm. Guys, nobody cares about promos. if you got a promo for EVERY promo event you attended, then there would be a whole lot of Colonels. “Elm, I need a promo, Elm I need a promo” IT IS ANNOYING! Elm thinks so too, and he is probably SICK OF IT! So quit your whining and act like an RPF SOLDIER PEOPLE!!!!

    Abhinav Edit: True, Volk, not only Elm, but we all get tired of hearing the famous quotes like “Please promote me” and “Where is my promotion?” This is what needs to be improved, for which he made this post. 🙂

  4. NeonRainbow says:

    Ranks, doesn’t really matter, all that matters is that you’re having fun in RPF enjoying yourself and hanging out with your friends xD (that’s exactly what I’m doing) and yes there’s times when ranks do matter but just know this when you put a comment in the join section (a join comment) you are in RPF just go to RPF chat and hang out there and check the site for any scheduled events

    This was for the new recruits….

  5. zeroreploid56 says:

    Good post elm, people have to know that Promotions isn’t an everyday thing, we can’t be an everyday army if we just worry about our ranks or quit for that. You can do awesome things for RPF, no matter what rank you are. Elmikey is a busy person, probably way more busy than all of us. Stop fidgeting him.

  6. nikunj67 says:

    yes you are right

  7. 彡ŚŤÁŔ฿ŐĨ4ī4彡ŔṖF 4ĪƇ彡̅ᴇᴍᴘᴇʀᴏʀ sᴛᴀʀ says:


  8. So true, so true, people must not worry about their ranks, they shall worry about RPF. Take the example of Elm, he is one of the Leaders, but still ranks don’t matter for him, he would sacrifice as much as he’s doing now as a member. 🙂 Ranks don’t matter, just serve the RPF in any way you can, and you’ll be given promotions if you really deserve them. 😉

  9. Queendishes says:

    you are posting meaningful stuff right here keep it up

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