Do you “need” a promotion?

I don’t do this often but since there are so many outstanding people in RPF who put in efforts to try and make RPF better. Many members in this army really should be a much higher rank than they are. Comment on this post if you feel that you deserve a promotion and tell us why. Be honest. 

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45 comments on “Do you “need” a promotion?
  1. Lord Loyalty(Kwi3) ~God of World Peace~ says:

    Remember Members: “Need” not “Want”. Do not comment stupid reasons like :

    “I want to be a Mod” “I joined RPF since 5 years!” ” I recruited more than 10+” “Because I deserve it.” “Because being mod is cool”

    ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ Please don’t have comments like those above. Please be honest as Elmikey says. And have a trustworthy comment so we can ACTUALLY trust you fully for the Protection of RPF. Thank you.

  2. 彡ŚŤÁŔ฿ŐĨ4ī4彡ŔṖF 4ĪƇ彡̅ᴇᴍᴘᴇʀᴏʀ sᴛᴀʀ says:

    Agreed Kwi. Dont put BS reasons. Be as honest as possible. ^^^^^^^ Listen to my man Kwi

  3. wiseone8 says:

    well i think i need a higher rank because i have had i high rank in other armys u guys hold my lowest rank im wiseone8

    Abhinav Edit: Wiseone, we aren’t concerned about what other armies have your rank as, we are concerned about your contributions in the RPF and your rank in the RPF. For this reason, you shall not get a promotion, but if you still think you need one, or maybe deserve one, then please provide a valid reason below.

  4. jimmy38983 says:

    i need a promotion because i recruited a person named icee215

  5. nikunj67 says:

    i need a promotion because i have attended so many events

  6. i am Doggy44556co and a corporal in RPF since 6 month i was always loyal and freindly to all unfortunately due to my studys and country time it was hard for me to join battles

    Abhinav Edit: Doggy, where have you been bud? Have been looking for you since months! 😐 I’m so glad found you here. Well Doggy, I know that you really deserve a much better rank, and if you are getting time for RPF apart from studies, then I’ll give you a high rank. 😀 😀 😀 😀 Thanks to let us know that you still visit the site. Why don’t you come to the chat to hangout sometimes? 😉 I must be eagerly waiting for you there. 🙂

  7. Pookie437 says:

    I think I need a promotion because I have attended every event since December and I can promise you I’m the best troop ever. 🙂

  8. pete44661 says:

    I think I need a promo because some of my fellow troops have gotten mods already. Most of them, I either started out with or recruited. And now they are ahead of me. So that’s why I think I need a promo. 🙂

    Abhinav Edit: Sorry to say, Pete, but that’s not a correct or a valid reason at all. 😐 Your fellow people have got promotions only because they worked hard for it, and you didn’t. If you need to be like them and go to their level, prove yourself to the RPF and the leaders that you do deserve such a rank. I’d be really glad to discuss with you your opinion. 🙂

  9. nikunj67 says:

    one more that i recuirt for 5 hour every day

  10. cpworld2001 says:

    its in u elmikey i thin i help RPF im all way true to rpf n i help every person in rpf n i help in all events also sooo. elm its ur choice 😉

  11. Mo10000 says:

    i need a promotions beacuse i have been in 8 promo events as general,but nothing happened,that would be nice if u would use one of these promotions on me right now,BECAUSE I AHVE BEEN DEMOTED WITH NO WARNING

    Abhinav Edit: Mo, as you move the ranks up, it becomes much difficult to earn promotions. And as you know, General is a 4ic rank, not so easy to get, you should’ve respected that rank. By the way, there were some reasons due to which you were demoted, not without a warning. What we do, do sincerely for the development of RPF, and think 100 times before enacting it. I think you shall change your views about your rank, the RPF, and its leaders. 😐

  12. Mo10000 says:


  13. Bluechops says:

    I Need a promotion cause I’ve been to All events RPF has had Since Christmas

  14. Goonja says:

    i have too tell that i try to come and plus i am VERY active but the uk and europe times are bad and i cant join the events sorry 😦

    Abhinav Edit: Its ok, Goonja, I know how you feel about it. Just try to attend as many events you can, we do not force you to, rest we know how a well solder are you. If anything happens, I’m always with you. 😉

  15. seanpaul08 says:

    I’ve been stuck at 4ic and I’ve been patiently waiting to get up to 3ic which is an RPF Warlord when I’ve been the Navy General for 4 months since I was gone for over a month with my internet shut off. I have been to many promotion events and I have been active as much as I could when I was able to get on.

  16. Aarayan1 says:

    i want to get a promotion because i never cheated with RPF i done my best for my team i never done wrong i supported my team and members i always ready to attend my war

    Abhinav Edit: Honesty is a big factor I believe, Aarayan, but you need to be more responsible and need to devote much time for RPF in order to get a promotion. In addition to that, you are a new member, it will take you time to rank up, and get a higher rank. But I’ll be always there to support you. 😉

  17. I feel that I could do so much more for RPF. Unfortunately my rank as of right now enables me to do some of the stuff I wish to do. right now i I am doing everything my rank enables me to do, I am the co-administrator of the Elite Recruiting Team, no need to brag but in my opinion a great teacher at Rebel Penguin Federation Boot Camp, come on chat for 2+ hours everyday,ect… I have so many ideas that would benefit RPF greatly. I have shared some of these ideas with rebel commanders but most of them I keep to myself. I really do think I could be a great Rebel Commander, of course i would have to learn many things way before I ever become a Rebel Commander. First i would need to be warlord and 2ic. Of course i know your not just going to make me a leadership rank right away! But please think about me and what I have done to help RPF out.


    Abhinav Edit: Woah, Tom!! We know yes you do deserve such a rank. We’d really like to discuss your ideas and you might be also very glad to share them with us. 😀 I believe that you could be a great Rebel Commander, and I’ll help you in achieving that, trust me. I really like the way you have faith in yourself, your self confidence,and your will to serve the RPF. This is what is needed for a perfect leadership. You have all those qualities that a perfect leader shall have, and I encourage you to do such more innovative stuff you could do, to improve your rank in the RPF.I really appreciate your contributions, and I shall soon talk to all the leaders about you, need not worry, hopefully, you reach a 3ic rank soon. 😀 😉

  18. King Red2921 says:

    Yes i do think i need a promotion. I have been very loyal and very active to RPF and tried attending all its events. Whenever i am not online there’s a reason and some owner always knows it. Sorry for not attending many AUSIA events, i had no idea of the time.(Just a suggestion please make a ausa page so ausia troops know of battle hours

    Abhinav Edit: King Red, yes, there is an Ausia Division events page, to reach it, hover your cursor over Divisions, and then click on Ausia Events. Or, you could just simply click this link and save the link or bookmark it for future references:

  19. King Red2921 says:

    And yes if there is already a page please let me know.

  20. Frosty701 says:

    I do need a promotion, I attended two promotional events and attended a few others. I never got promoted. Please fix this. -Frosty

  21. Red Kevin 11 says:

    I need to be promoted to corporal because I attended the 2013 championship semi-finals against the nachos, which was a promotion event.
    –Red Kevin 11

  22. Thank you all, for taking your time, and considering it for commenting here. If you are deserving enough and your reason is legit, it will be looked upon soon, and you’ll be promoted. 🙂

  23. King Red2921 says:

    thx abhinav

  24. mannpal123 says:

    can u please promote me because i am working hard for RPF and i really help RPF so please promote me thanks!

  25. superr ninja says:

    i need mod because i truly think i worked hard and as mod ill work extra hard into protecting friends and leaders!

  26. Penguini2073 says:

    The reason why i should be promoted is because now I’ve been to 5 battles and 3 promised promos!! I know it doesnt really matter but i sorta wanna be promoted. PS i commented on where it said “comment here for promos” PPS my CP name is Penguini2073.

  27. Queendishes says:

    I think I should be promoted because I have been to 5 or 6 battles now I stay for the whole thing and always have open target. My penguin is Queendishes

  28. Com1con3 says:

    Well for me I don’t really need a promo I just became mod and I’m gonna be satisfied for a while 🙂 but the one thing I’m concerned about is that an Owner (I think it was Abhinav or someone with “Sir” in their name) gave me mod but I’m still on colonel on the ranks. So I’m satisfied right now! 🙂

  29. Elmikey [RPF Leader] says:

    Ill work on these over the next week or two, unless another RPF leader reviews all of you and promotes you on the ranks. I read all your comments though, I am trying my best just like a lot of you. Some of you can’t even attend a 30 minute event, I’m probably way more busy than you and I have a ton more to do… So be patient and FIGHT THE GOOD FIGHT.

  30. mrchip124 says:

    I need to talk to commando -Tax1

  31. tentennyson says:

    ELM no one edited ranks i came 5 battles pls promote me

  32. STEVE FRANCIS says:

    hell o m steve here plz make me a colonel because i have attended 3 training 1 war 2 batttles and many more
    🙂 im requestting u because m hard working

  33. ҠΣѴĪ∏ says:

    I feel I need a promotion. Even though I’m not in RPF, I’m certainly more active than a lot of the members *wary*

  34. Sky Blue36 says:

    The timing is never right 😦 I convert the Penguin Standard Time to Australia time and the result is that the battle is on at really early in the morning or really late at night! Sometimes it changes a little and I get to go to the ones I can 😀 I recruit on busy servers to persuade more troops to join but because of the amount of internet, it’s quite difficult to complete many hours everyday. But when I can, I log on straight away and start typing like mad! I really hope I don’t get kicked out for being inactive but right now, I only have 1GB left to use till 22nd Jan and I’m afraid it won’t last me!! If you demote me or kick me out, I really do truly understand your thoughts but mostly I am quite active from 23rd to 10th and I must say quite honestly, I’m quite sure other troops are in need of a promotion more than I but I really do hope I’ll still be an RPF troop and not get kicked out!

    LilStar edit: Thank you Sky Blue for trying your hardest to attend events and being honest. Which times are good for you? Let me know in chat and maybe we can set some events at that time.

  35. Flame says:

    Hello As u know i am Flame Recently i have been demoted due to not commenting on a page

    But i have been Demoted From a General to Colonel So,I thought i Deserve a Promotion to my general position back

    Reason for Why i deserve a Promotion

    I have Been Active For All the time i have worked a lot For the establishment of AUSIA Division And Got Warlord staus
    Previous Experience
    -I have been a staff member overall 8 times, not including
    Here is a small chart:

    The Gamecpps


    iwaddle v1


    Beta Tester

    CPpiratearmy:= 3ic

    Why Should We Make You Staff?
    -I believe I have the skills needed to be Promoted on RPF .
    I have made a lot of friends, who thought I was an amazing mod.
    I personally have a LOT of experience being a General, I have training and everything.

    My grammar is almost flawless. If I make a typo, I always fix it right away.
    Users find it much easier to understand a General with good grammar, right? 🙂

    I always try to be the best I can be. Of course, I rarely make mistakes. But we all make mistakes sometimes, right? I’ve learnt from all my mistakes, and I will never make them again.

    I wont watch over users like a hawk. Nobody wants to feel like they’re being watched. No, I interact with users. If moderators have fun/play games with the users, everyone has a great time.
    I love helping others; I feel I am good at speaking to users. I always stay calm when users are fighting. First, I politely ask them to break it up. then I give them 2-3 warnings. After those warnings, a kick. After a kick, a ban, etc.

    Some of my favourite hobbies are chatting to friends, playing games, and blogging.
    I love to play games with users on RPF

    Thank you for taking the time to read this, and I am looking forward to the results!
    Bye for now!

  36. Supa Em says:

    Seriously though, I just posted this for some fun. I’m not asking for a promotion because quite frankly, I don’t actually deserve one XD

  37. theviper2001 says:

    I do not need a promotion but a lot off people that commented do. Right now there is more 2-ic then there are warlords I am just saying that i thought there was sposed to be more warlords then 2-ics.

  38. Crose003 says:

    supa em that was funny. I noticed I didn’t get promoted for the nacho tournament last Saturday, have you just not gotten around to it yet? I don’t really care to much about ranks (cause I’m bad at leading people 😦 ) but I thought I’d point that out 😉

  39. pinkratgirl says:

    I think I should get a promotion because I am on chat almost 24/7. I also attend most events (I couldn’t attend yesterday’s Hunt and Kill because my computer started smoking.) I haven’t been here as long as some people (I joined 23 Nov, 2013) But the time that I wasn’t here I make up in being extremely active.

  40. pinkratgirl i am sorry but you have been extremely inactive for the last two weeks and you are not on chat 24/7

  41. Ryan2435 says:

    i think i need a promotion because i try to come mostly everyday though i fail and i try to recruit and join events

  42. akshit56 says:


  43. Twitch says:

    Everyone who does more than average work deserves a promotion. But no one should put themselves infront of the army by asking of one. That’s disrespectfull

  44. Ok, all promotions have been done, so now need not worry, and most importantly, don’t demand more promotions, or the ones which you don’t deserve. If I accidentally missed someone out, please kindly recomment on this post so that I can promote them. Also, don’t try to get extra benefits. I have noted down each and everyone’s name who I promoted, so please don’t expect it could be a good thing for you to try to fool us, rather, it could get you demoted. Ok, so that’s all, any questions, please comment in this post 😀 😉

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