Nachos Caught With Their Hands in the Salsa Jar: Elmikey’s Multi-Logging Pic Faked

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It’s not often that I choose to delve into investigative reporting, but this one caught my eye. What would have been a crippling scandal against the Rebel Penguin Federation has instead backfired on one of their greatest enemies.

Update #3: Puckley has attempted to defend Beeky by pointing out that the join comment tied to Beeky’s spy penguin does not exist on the website. This has been disproved as RPF has re-published it and it can be viewed HERE. The IP addresses are still a confirmed match, meaning the comment has not been tampered with or faked.

Update #2:  Beeky now states that the picture was intended for a satirical TSN post that “wasn’t posted in time.”  He also claims that this picture was only made public because he trusted the picture “with a troop that was actually a RPF 2ic.”  The conversations with Beeky can be found HERE

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5 comments on “Nachos Caught With Their Hands in the Salsa Jar: Elmikey’s Multi-Logging Pic Faked
  1. Reblogged this on Galactic Penguin Force and commented:
    Well Well Well, if it isn’t the FAKERS who turned everyone against ELm because he helped us BEAT THEM! I had faith in you the whole time Elm

  2. Crose003 says:

    lolz. those nachos stop at nothing. i wonder who the fake elm was though??????

  3. St Ransor says:

    Beeky obviously was pretending to be Elmikey which is a stupid idea to do. Telling his troops to multi-logging. Beeky this is just not on. How would YOU feel if we pretended to be you Beeky and telling YOU’RE troops to multi-logging. How will you feel Beeky?

  4. Crose003 says:

    but i thought beeky was “zoozoo”. unless your saying he was both?

  5. Beeky was the member named zoozoo. The person who pretended to be Elmikey is still unknown to us. Interesting to see how nachos can get down to any extent to show our faces down.

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