Ausia Claims The Server Ice Box!!

Hey guys, its me, Abhinav, and here I bring the results of the Invasion of Ice Box Ausia had today on 6:30 PM IST. We maxed 11-13 and this was a much better-off chat size than the one earlier this day. Once again, we logged in CP, invaded different rooms and did perfect tactics.

I was glad to have leaders like Andy and Lilstar helping me out with leading, and all over we had a nice time enjoying the tactics. It once again didn’t seem to be an invasion, but much like a training, because once again the AR didn’t show up, though I just had a talk with the AR‘s Ausia Leader, Fluffy, about the invasions. He claimed to have been informed about the invasions, and that they didn’t show up the earlier invasion due to their smaller chat size. He said he’ll not be able to come to the Invasion of Ice Box too, as a result of the same smaller chat size.

I very well knew it, but kept it to myself until the invasion was over and we were successful. I was so glad to see the enthusiasm and seriousness of the troops during the battle, not really unworthy to say, Ausia has got the uniqueness!!” 😉

Here are the pictures of the Invasion:-

Click Read More to view more pictures:-

The online users’ grid:-

At last, after we were done with the tactics, we claimed victory and had the server Ice Box for ourselves:-

I’d like to tell Ausia that it has been showing great performance and that it must be appreciated. You’re the best troops and are rising the ladder slowly….

I hope to see you all doing the same in the near future and rise this division more. Keep up the good work, Ausia. “WE WILL RISE”.

Fight The Good Fight.

Signing off,


RPF Ausia Division Rebel Commander

Smart Penguins Leader

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6 comments on “Ausia Claims The Server Ice Box!!
  1. Abhinav54321 says:

    Great going, Ausia, we’re rising up. Lets try and make this division bigger! 😉

  2. cooldweeb77 says:

    Ya guys great job. i was in it for the first 20 mins cause i had to go to school (not in ausia). srry for leaving but great job today 😛

  3. Its ok cool, your efforts and will to help us is enough 🙂

  4. NeonRainbow says:

    I came! I can be bothered to login to my wordpress account Im using this with another phone so yeah, great chat size for an Ausia event too 🙂

  5. NeonRainbow says:

    Im just going to say this again, came I just logged into my WordPress account 😛 Awesome diagonal line there in the first time 😀
    Abhinav54321 Edit: Thanks, Neon, hope to see you around in the events soon. 😉

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