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With the recent attempt to coup in our ally army, I briefly talked with one of the rebellious ones to discuss the situation.  It turns out that the person didn’t like the leader because they felt that the leader did listen to them.  I do not know the particular details to this supposed incident between the two, so I am not going to judge.  I do, however, want to present to you effective ways of communicating with your RPF leaders or Advisors, or anyone for that manner when there is a complaint/problem involved.  The manner in which you present yourself and the information to the other person can either make you or break you.  If you want to get your point across or make a complaint, you will have more successful results and respect if you follow my advice.

Remember, it’s not always what you say, it’s how you say it as to whether you will be heard or influential to the other person.  This isn’t just in armies, this is a valuable life-long skill you must perfect.

So the first step is through observation or word-of-mouth, you identify a problem.  Once the problem is identified, you must analyze the issue.  Why is it happening?  What is causing it to happen?  Who or what  is involved in this issue?  What are all the details?  Once you have completely analyzed the problem, then you come up with solutions.  Try to identify as many solutions as possible, make a list if you wish.  Then you analyze your possible solutions to prioritize them as to which would be best suitable give the difficulty, time involved and the outcome.

Once you have solutions, you are ready to approach your leader.  The timing of this presentation you are about to give to your leader is crucial to your results.  Do not approach you leader during battles, events, or prior to these activities or immediately following (they are posting usually).  These times are overwhelming and you will not get the attention you require for the situation you want to discuss.  It is appropriate to ask the leader about when a good time would be for them to listen.  You could say, “Snaily, I have noticed a problem in RPF that I would like to discuss and offer solutions to you when you have a few minutes.  When could this be possible?”   If you see the leader dealing with an issue in the chat, that is also not the best time to discuss your concerns.  I highly suggest setting up a time with them to talk and don’t get discouraged if it’s not immediate because leaders are extremely busy.  You are important, but making an agreed time is the best approach.
When you meet with the leader, don’t be so emotional, be matter-of-fact and confident in what you say.  State that you have identified an issue, and you have solutions.  Tell the leader the problem, then your suggestions on solving it.  If possible, offer to help solve it.  This is a great way to be involved and shows you are loyal and care about your army, plus a great way to work towards a promotion.  Do not nag your leader.  If you are requesting something from the leader and they do not approve, do not repeatedly ask, especially with regards to promotions and ranks.  The more you ask, the more the leader is likely to disregard what you say and ignore you.

It’s not a bad thing to address issues in an army, all armies have plenty of room for improvement and you can make a big difference in making your army better than it already is.  However, to be heard and influential to the leader/s, you must present your information at the right place and time to have the leader’s full attention and consideration.  You must also present to them the problem with solutions or suggestions to be most effective.  Don’t just come across as a complainer, offer solutions and offer to help.  Remember, it’s not always what you say, it’s how you say it.
The worst thing to do is to attempt to overthrow your leader because you feel like you are not being heard.  Communication is key.  If you do as I’ve suggested and it didn’t work, contact me.  I will help you, always.

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3 comments on “Communication, Not Coup :/
  1. warrior42s says:


  2. Abhinav54321 says:

    Its completely a helpful post snaily, exactly, it feels disturbing when I’m in the middle of leading an event or doing an important work. Hope your post helps everyone. :d

  3. snaily5 says:

    Thanks Abhinav. This is important irl too.

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