Chat Recruiting:An Offensive Issue

Hey RPF, this is me, Abhinav, and this is my 2nd post after having got the RPF Leader rank(1st was a results post on Invasion of Icicle).

Lately, I have noticed that many people are complaining about people recruiting in our chat, either as a disguised RPF member, or from their chat. For instance, have a look over this :-


Like the one shown above, they recruit our precious members and get them involved into their armies, by bribing them for higher ranks. Members get persuaded by this, and leave RPF, their mentality is somewhat like this: “That army gives me a better rank, what am I doing here, then?”.

Well if you think like that, you’re totally wrong, because RPF is as a big army as you can’t imagine, and a moderator rank holds a very precious post. That is why it takes time for you to get promoted, it’s not that RPF is ignoring you. So I suggest the leaders and moderators keep an eye over suspected people, and ban forever or the maximum time limit you can ban for, if any evidence is provided to you.

And as for the members, do not get so easily taken away by others’ words, keep in mind that RPF is the BEST and nicest army ever you could find, and that you’d enjoy much here than any other chat. You can earn your rank with dedicated efforts, sincerity and stability. Also, if anyone tries to recruit you for a different army, take a screenshot as for evidence, and report it to a moderator or owner who is available at that moment straightly. The user trying to recruit you will be banned, and you’ll earn  promotional benefits as a reward.

And lastly to the people who are here to steal our loyal and good troops, you’ve come to the wrong place. Remember, if caught recruiting here, you are to be banned forever, without any further questioning. If other armies are to recruit, they shall do it the fair way by recruiting on CP, as we do. Any kind of nuisance MUST NOT be tolerated here.

Signing off,


RPF Ausia Division Rebel Commander

Smart Penguins Leader

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3 comments on “Chat Recruiting:An Offensive Issue
  1. Starvsblack2/Rebel Pikachu says:

    yup makes sense

  2. dont think I was even considering joining them… I’m as loyal as a dog to RPF. I just like to play along with the chat recruiters,

  3. NeonRainbow says:

    “Sounds like a noob army” LOL

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