This Week

Battles Begin Tuesday there will be at most 3 events a day where RPF will log in for either Invasions or Defenses. We are at war. There will be one battle per division. Attend the battles that you can attend. Make sure you check the RPF home page every day and help RPF grow. You make this army just as much as me, as I am only 1 RPF member.  There will be times when we have an invasion and the enemy does not show up (easy victory). Be sure to log in anyway because we’re ranked each week by the sizes we get at each event. Also when there is a Defense that means the enemy will be invading RPF full force. Our nation (servers we own) can be seen on the USRPF page. And I’d also like to say that every RPF member is doing a great job, each of you is what makes RPF #1. This is our 3rd week in a row holding the #1 rank! And everyone who attended the tournament on Saturday did an amazing job, everybody said RPF was going to lose without me but YOU proved them wrong. You proved that you are the best members and leaders in CP Army History. 

Fight the good fight

I hope you all had a great winter break, school is the most important thing for all of you this year. Get what you need to do out of the way first before playing games. 

Also RPF Chat can get addicting that is why I am not going to be on it as much I need to focus on real life. Chat is not important but getting on for events is. I will still get on for scheduled events and whatnot. It is up to whoever is online to keep RPF Chat safe;  and keep the RPF ball rolling …. RPF Leader – Elmikey

About Rebel Penguin Marines Activated! December 2017.

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6 comments on “This Week
  1. Reblogged this on Galactic Penguin Force and commented:
    I’ll be there.

  2. What happen to the champions of 2014 tournament? Did it finish that fast? O.o

  3. But what about the Nachos who scheduled events they know we can’t make because we scheduled events at those times? Is that a victory, or just a cowardly move? I say it’s cowardly

  4. RpfIsAwsome says:

    Eh the Nachos are gonna lose and were gonna win again. Nachos can not defeat us, the over day i saw people making there own war. First people were saying join Nachos then some said join RPF. But then things went out of hand. Who could find the most money or who could tip the iceberg first massive arguments then rockhopper came and they complained more! So then i told them to take a breather because if you don’t look at the board WERE THE ONES WINNING! Then suddenly nachos left. ALSO On there page they posted that we did the nazi sign (nazis are people who killed jews in the holucaust) I say there rude number one number two its acherly the army who did that and dressed as us. And finally its painted in red the line to hide the empty spots so its a lie!

  5. IKR RpfisAwsome. Besides, One of those lines were made by AR, and 2 of them don’t exist. I had a little talk with them about that in the comments ( not a comment war, just about like 1 and 1/2 comments.

  6. NeonRainbow says:

    Okay thank you for telling us. I will get done with my studies first. 😀

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