Tournament Very Soon

Promotions for everyone who attends this battle.

The Tournament Battle will start very soon against the Water Vikings. The server will be Klondike, and the leaders will announce the room on chat when it begins. Everyone who logs onto Club Penguin for this battle will be promoted, so make sure you attend.

[Chat embed removed.]

Receive battle orders on chat.

Receive orders on the chat above, or click HERE for a larger version.

All RPF who are on chat but do not log on will be demoted. If you do log on however, you will be promoted.


Proud Ice Warriors 2ic. Former RPF Leader and Legend.

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14 comments on “Tournament Very Soon
  1. Com1con3 says:

    I was there!!! I attended 🙂

  2. I WAS THERE!!! 😀 😀 :):):D:D YEAH sorry. lol anyways, I was Leapord19 and I actually rushed my lunch for this XD yay Promotions!

  3. starboi414 says:

    I attended. 🙂

  4. Snow Flake R says:

    I atteended

  5. clubxlcboys says:

    i attended penguin name is clubxlcboys

  6. ||poĸeĸιdd|| says:

    I attended, I almost cried of happiness 😀
    Aroni11 Major

  7. superr ninja says:

    I was there i should be warrant officer im superr ninja on ranks

  8. ElementGecko says:

    attended(: Should be a staff sergeant

  9. Seansam0 says:

    i attended to this battle

  10. I was there, and very vigilant.

  11. ryanbunda says:

    I attended today

  12. cpworld2001 says:

    i was there ask lil i was locked he saw mw when he was locked

  13. Penguini2073 says:

    i attended!!!! =D

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