Message to Nachos

Hello RPF and Nachos,

As you can see on our event schedule, we are invading 3 Nacho servers on Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday. You’d expect Nachos to defend them, right? Wrong. Nachos are instead invading 2 servers during our scheduled invasions. They’re so scared to fight us, that they’re invading when they know we can’t defend. It’s pretty pathetic if you ask me.

What’s worse is that they’re ignoring our invasion of their capital server. Yes, their capital. Not being humiliated by RPF is more important to them than losing their capital. They think that they can get away with invading our servers when we cannot defend. Too bad we’ll be re-invading them straight after 😉

Message to Nachos:

If you have such little confidence in your UK division, how do you ever expect to get anywhere? When your troops work hard to invade two servers, only to find that they lost them right after and their capital server, what will they think? If you want to run your UK division into the ground, fine. But when your troops find out that their hard work is pointless, that they’re losing 3 servers a day and not gaining any, it won’t help your army. A friendly piece of advice to Nachos and their UK Leader. Believe in your army. I never expected the RPF UK division to go anywhere, and for months it didn’t. Then I came online one day, and I set my hopes high. I believed in my troops and that was our best UK event we’d ever had. I’ve come to one of your events before, and only half your troops log on. They don’t believe in themselves because you don’t believe in them. Nachos, give your troops a chance. Face RPF this week and you might just be surprised at the results you get. I hope you change your mind, and I hope you learn to have faith in your army.

Sɪя Pᴊ


Proud Ice Warriors 2ic. Former RPF Leader and Legend.

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3 comments on “Message to Nachos
  1. Unknown says:

    RPF forever

  2. Max43810 says:

    all I got was: blah blah blah [SPAM REMOVED]

  3. Pathetic, weak, cowardly. those all describe the Nachos. Even though they have #2 on cpac, they are still just…wow

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