Warnings to Moderators [All moderators read]

Hello RPF,

I have noticed that many of our moderators are rather inactive. To ensure that we have the best officers possible, I have listed the inactive moderators*. These people will have 1 week to get active, before they are demoted to a member rank.

*These are people that I believe are inactive, however I may have made some mistakes. Please comment below if this is the case.

  • OwenJP
  • NicWin100
  • Nick
  • Jedi4590
  • Kona4584
  • Lilritrulezz
  • Reddbudd
  • Test55235
  • Ita4chi
  • BigPeng92
  • Ninja85456
  • Lucero88
  • Poohbear58
  • Firestar1114
  • Jayden1092
  • Mon
  • Supa Em
  • Ninjakid999
  • MariutaMD
  • Mcab2
  • keva1022
  • Kad186
  • Hardshell(Bulkhead1)

If these people do not get extremely inactive over the next week, they will be demoted to member. No second chances. Being active includes recruiting, coming on chat whenever you can get online, and attending the majority of events.

You have 1 week to save your rank.

~Sir Pj


Proud Ice Warriors 2ic. Former RPF Leader and Legend.

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7 comments on “Warnings to Moderators [All moderators read]
  1. St Ransor says:

    Yay I’m active! :d

  2. Sky Blue36 says:

    LilBlast was in chat today.

  3. Ghost says:

    Yay I’m active *wary*

  4. Starvsblack2/Rebel Pikachu says:

    im active huh?

  5. lily says:

    im close to mod lol

  6. theviper2001 says:

    How have I been unactive sometimes i am just not on when you are on PJ.

  7. NeonRainbow says:

    Never seen those names but Im Ausia so Im not in the place to judge them XD

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