Response to DW

Update 2: The DW leaders refuse to comment on this post or even answer my PCs. They felt the need to respond to Elmikey’s rather unimportant post, yet completely ignore this post. Says a lot.

Update: DW, how could we have impersonated DW leaders and signed the treaty for you, when you posted it on your site? You’ve deleted the original post, but it is still in another post. Click HERE to see it, or view a screenshot HERE as DW will no doubt delete the post soon. Yes, that was not posted by a DW leader. But I’m pretty sure he wouldn’t have posted a fake treaty on your site.

Note: DW’s  “arguament” as for why the treaty is invalid can be found HERE. I’ve just about proved every word in that post wrong, tyvm.

DW have declared war, claiming that the treaty was invalid. Well here’s some proof for why they cannot declare war.

In this post, I have provided evidence that shows the treaty is 100% valid and still in use. DW simply cannot go to war with us, there’s no two ways about it.

DW claim that unless we can prove that the people in the picture who signed the treaty were really them, it wasn’t valid. DW, take a look below.

Crazy, DW leader then came on.

If we were impersonating Freezie and Spi, I doubt we’d be able to do it in front of Crazy.

So now that we’ve proved that the people who signed it are indeed the DW leaders, lets move onto the next point. DW claim that only 2 leaders signed it, thus making it invalid as there were 4 leaders. Yet if you look at the picture above, Crazy agreed to the treaty and said “Alright Elm” after he said the terms of the treaty. So that’s Crazy, Freezie and Spi. Am I correct in thinking that’s 3/4 leaders? Yep, think I am. So it was perfectly valid.

DW then said this –  “The treaty was broken by both parties as we both battled for Tuxedo, and RPF later scheduled an invasion of Frosty”

DW tried to cleanse tuxedo, they did not invade it in a war. So they did not break the treaty. There is nothing in the terms that state you cannot cleanse a server. Also, RPF did not invade any DW servers. We scheduled it, thinking that the treaty had been broken, but when we realised it wasn’t we cancelled the event, made a post about it and informed the DW leaders. So neither of us broke the treaty there.

They then said this – “Elmikey threatened DW with “Fight The Good Fight” aka RPF under a different name and was going to invade our capital, Frosty. (”

Once again, this invasion was cancelled. And although Elmikey was the leader of this army, it was a separate army with separate servers and a separate site. Nothing in the treaty stopped an RPF or DW leader invading with another army. Anyways, the invasion never happened so whats the big deal?

As I’ve proved above, the treaty is still valid. The majority of RPF leaders agreed to it on kik, and the majority of DW leaders agreed to it also. I have given evidence that the people in the pictures were indeed the real DW leaders, and that we were not impersonating them. So DW, if you can somehow break an unbreakable treaty, then go ahead. But currently this treaty is in use, and cannot be broken. You agreed to it. If you regret it you have only yourselves to blame.

~Sir Pj



Proud Ice Warriors 2ic. Former RPF Leader and Legend.

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3 comments on “Response to DW
  1. Crose003 says:

    there’s an army called “fight the good fight”?? wait what?

  2. Elmikey [U.S.R.P.F President] says:

    Stop giving them attention that’s all they want

  3. Fight the Good Fight is one of RPF’s mottos. Also, PREACH PJ!

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