If you attended an event and you are still the rank of “Private” leave a comment on this post. Also there are lot’s of RPF. It’s impossible to promote each one of you on a regular basis. I know many of you should be much higher ranks than you are right now. There will be an active count later in the week and the high ranks that don’t comment will be taken off the ranks and new RPF members will replace them. RPF will stand strong through these wars and we will win. 

– Fight the good fight


About Rebel Penguin Marines Activated! December 2017.

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15 comments on “Promotions
  1. schoolboy93 says:

    me! im still a private

  2. I wish I could attend the promotions events but I always have something else! I usually attend the other events, and I was in the war with Nachos, and AR. I also had another war but I forgot which army that was. PLEASE AT LEAST CAN YOU GIVE ME ONE PROMOTION? I am going to be grounded until my next report card for school (cuz I got an 88, which is good to me but bad to my parents >_<) and so I would like one promotion and then I can stop asking for promos and actually try to attend promotional events. Sorry if this is really long I just like typing and I was explaining my reasoning. Sorry again if I took your time. GO RPF! FIGHT THE GOOD FIGHT!
    *my fight rhyme* (I just thought it was cool): Rebels gonna rebel at the maximum level ❤ ilyrpf!!!!!!!

  3. Snow Flake R says:

    Idk how I check it out about my rank I did attend the events since I join rpf I have attended all the events since I joined rpf I joined rpf on the 3/1/14 and my comment date should be on the top of my comment 🙂

  4. Drake says:

    i have never gotten promoted in this army my penguin name is Drakie13

  5. lily says:

    i didnt get promoted for the battle with nachos like 2 days ago my names lilchele1

  6. Pvt. Red Kevin 11 says:

    I should be promoted to private first class for the invasion of blizzard 2 days ago. CP name: Red kevin 11

  7. Pvt. Red Kevin 11 says:

    Note: I also attended yesterday’s battle against AR. I don’t know if I should be lance corporal for that battle though.

  8. theviper2001 says:

    I don’t care about ranks i just want to help RPF in every way i can.

  9. Penguini2073 says:

    i attended today’s war against nachos and yesterdays war against AR. Please promote me when/if you can!! Thank you!!
    PS my penguin name is Penguini2073.
    PPS nightingale, your rhyme IS cool =)

  10. Cheat Slayer says:

    i attended todays war against nachos which we won i also attended yesterdays against ar which ar was scared to fight us my name is cheat slayer my peguin name is Errant amoeba

  11. jennifer says:

    elm, I attended all the battles in jan 2014, because i joined on december 31st at 11:54

  12. jennifer8599 says:

    the jennifer comment is my comment

  13. schoolboy93 says:

    yes me! I attended all events since Christmas chaos

  14. Tilman G says:

    Yes i am still the rank of private my peguins name is Tilman G.

  15. schoolboy93 says:

    me, I attended all events since Christmas chaos

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