Nachos had no chance [Defense of Cloudy RESULTS]

Comment if You Attended!

The Rebel Penguin Federation logged onto Cloudy to defend against a Nacho invasion. RPF logged 10 minutes before the battle was set to start and we waited together at the Ice Berg. Once it was time for the battle to begin both armies stormed the Stadium at the same time. The RPF crunched the Nachos and we Won! The Nachos retreated many times and ended up hiding in the same room with the Army Republic who were also on the server. The Nachos were too scared to continue to fight us and stayed with the AR the entire time. RPF logged off because the Nachos gave up and forfeit. 

Good Job RPF

Video Will Be Posted Soon

RPF maxed Sizes of 55-60+ 

RPF Also Had Two Chat Pools 


About Rebel Penguin Marines Activated! December 2017.

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23 comments on “Nachos had no chance [Defense of Cloudy RESULTS]
  1. I attended today but except this time I go as Funguy56 (fake account) because it was a free cp account giveaway and my real cp account YeseniaC25, however got banned yesterday. I sorta cussed on cp since we fought AR yesterday. :I didnt mean to ragequit because i thought ar won but no. :/


    P.S. thank goodness my penguin (YeseniaC25) got unbanned. phew

  2. i came nice job everyone

  3. Mrtchy says:

    Good job RPF, another win to us 😀

  4. Tilman G says:

    My internet would not let me on half of the time.

  5. Cheat Slayer says:

    i attended im Errantamoeba

  6. cooldweeb77 says:

    like i said i knew we were gonna win from the beginning nice job guys and girls 😀

  7. Sky Blue36 says:

    I coudn’t get there any earlier but I was on when we were at the cove. And I was recruiting at Alaska Town.

  8. rpfnsew says:

    I went~XxDestinGamerxX and CP Name is Nsew

  9. starboi414 says:

    I attended

  10. Pookie437 says:

    I attended 🙂 I was the tank (red bobsled)

  11. Drake says:

    I attended I also found one of there commanders please promote me my name is Drakie13

  12. Nick says:

    Nicely battled. Well organized, ready and all. I attended-username: Blocky X

  13. NeonRainbow says:

    I feel like we won too many times and are those all the Nachos on the battlefield??? I see only like 10~20 on the stadium, and I couldnt come.

  14. zeroreploid56 says:

    I attended, I can say it was better than all other battles with Nachos. Atleast they didn’t spend time hiding.

  15. Typical Nachos. Cowardly. SO COWARDLY that they need AR to help them fight their battles.

  16. I went on the Nacho site, and they said they had a victory. Well it doesn’t count because they had AR with them the whole time. Luckily they are having a battle against each other thus breaking their partnership.

  17. kathy8479 says:

    I attended, and I’m proud of you RPF. Well done!

  18. sporty2712 says:

    I CAME 🙂

  19. Delyth Michael says:

    I couldn’t attend due to it being midnight, but I am very proud of the RPF!

  20. waddles26813 says:

    I came.

  21. DklacdtRPF says:

    I attended

  22. Penguini2073 says:

    I attended!!!=D

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