Fight the good fight [What it means]

Now, some have been asking, what actually is the good fight? Well here’s some of the things that the good fight is:

  • Fighting for what’s right.
  • Taking out armies who cyber bully the community
  • Targeting manipulative leaders and ending their reign of power
  • Standing up against mistreatment against people as a whole
  • Making Club Penguin Armies a safe place for everybody
  • Making it so Club Penguin Armies can actually be Club Penguin Armies

For so long Club Penguin Armies forgot about where they came from, and for so long did armies simply run on the notion that Club Penguin isn’t a favorable game. Club Penguin, in our current situation, is the life blood that allows this game of ours to exist. To forget about that, to scare off new recruits, and to just be a jerk to everyone as a whole will end this game. When RPF came back in May, the Nachos were running this game just like that, and Club Penguin Armies were doing horrible.

About Rebel Penguin Marines Activated! December 2017.

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