Do you deserve a promotion?

If you feel you deserve to be promoted to a higher rank comment here telling me why and put your ranks name in the reply.

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32 comments on “Do you deserve a promotion?
  1. nikunj67 says:

    name nikunj67

    because i have attended so many events and helped people

  2. clubxlcboys says:

    clubxlcboys i have recruiting sessions on daily bases and i attend promotion events too like yesterdays battles and i attend recent events

  3. Name Sealy1314 cause I attend to almost every event plus I help and I partly (Of coures with your help) made us beat the nachos.

  4. v e r t u

    i just like

  5. Goonja says:


    I attended 2 out of 3 battles and i am very active

  6. cookiechoco3 says:

    I have been talking to some people I know to join the army. They told me they joined. So I think I deserve a promotion.

  7. Bluechops says:

    Well I have been to the last seven RPF events Including ones that were at 12:30am in England.And inthe last 3 promo events I’m still not promoted

  8. Elmikey [U.S.R.P.F President] says:

    That’s why I made this post ^_^ @ Blue

  9. Bluechops says:

    Well I’m private first class anyway!

  10. geneva says:

    I think I deserve a promotion because I have attended many events.Even the ones at 9:00pm in Trinidad and still am not promoted.

    My name is genevah78


  11. Well i probbably do deserve one because i have recruited so much in past weeks, And I attend alot of those events even the not so known ones.

  12. I am at the moment rank Corporal by the way

  13. jimmy38983 says:

    i recruit everyday like 2-4 hours

  14. Frank49878 says:

    I’ve attended over 6-7 AUSIA events against RPF, And still not get a promo. Always remained loyal to RPF, Never joined any other army or never thought to.

  15. Elmikey [U.S.R.P.F President] says:

    I promoted most of you, you guys deserved it.

  16. Palmtrica says:

    I think I deserve a promo because I went to the promotion event and I didn’t get promotion also I recruit for at least 1 hour and a half a day

  17. Palmtrica says:

    and my rank is corporal

  18. waddles26813 says:

    I’ve come to almost every event since I joined and sometimes they are a inconvenient times but I make my best effort to come. I was able to convince a few people that the nachos are telling lies about us too. Usually I don’t make a big deal about promos I just want rpf to win, but I was in the invasion of blizzard and I still didn’t get promo for that and I want it so that’s why I’m commenting.

  19. Drake says:

    I think I should be promoted because i was a captain in the Nacho army I also follow orders I recruit all my friends(283)to join i also know a youtuber with 800 people who play club penguin

  20. Delyth Michael says:

    I am Rikki8528, I am a Private. Two days ago I was recruited and helped recruit for an hour. Yesterday I recruited for 2 hours. Today I alerted the RPF of an invasion of Alaska by Light Troops, who left soon after. I then recruited for 3 hours and still am.

  21. tony romo401 says:

    I think I should be promoted because I’m usually recruiting for 4-5 hours every day and I help with the battles in the Christmas Chaos tournament and never got a promotion. Thx 🙂

  22. STEVE FRANCIS says:

    i want a promotion to BRIGADER GENARAL i have attend 5 or 6 events and i have recruited for 1 hrs and im bored being member plz make me a BRIGADER GENAREL. l iil be good to new soilders. I hope u will make me i trust all my owners . Plz see my comment……..:)


  23. Pookie437 says:

    Name- Pookie437
    I think I deserve a promo because I have attended all of the RPF’s event and promo events and I have not been promoted.

  24. redsox209 says:

    I attended the christmas chaos and i have proof of that and i asked many rank updaters but the didnt so i think i should get my rank upgraded to gunnery sergeant or master sergeant

  25. jetkid8 says:

    I know i’m new, but I’ve attended every event since the finals at Christmas chaos

  26. schoolboy93 says:

    yes me, I recruit the whole time on different servers in all kinds of rooms even igllos and im active a lot during the day in the chat, I have also attended all battles since the nacho promo event, im not boasting, or showing off

  27. ||poĸeĸιdd|| says:

    I think I deserve a promotion because I help new RPF recruits and I recruit in club penguin I have also attended the Christmas Chaos.

    Aroni11, Captain

  28. bquikishere says:

    I think I deserve my Major General spot back (its not a promotion but it is where I was originally at), I checked the ranks one day and realized I’d been demoted to Colonel for no reason at all :/

  29. Yes I should derserve my promotion since we had a huge promo event.

    I think I should be Sergeant Major because it’s my next rank.

  30. sporty2712 says:

    I have gone to 2 promo events and still haven’t gotten the promotion, so that’s up 2 ranks.

    THEN I go on chat all the time and I mean like on weekends like 7 a.m to like 5p.m and then brakes in between.

    and I check the website a ton Imade 6 comments in like one day.

    so I think you should put me up 3 ranks please. rank name is:sporty2712

  31. I’m really happy with my rank now. what I do not like is how there is people higher ranked pe then me that don’t deserve it. i am not asking for a promo I’m asking for these people to be demoted (i can give u a list of names).
    PS: It’s fine to promote me though 🙂 also i wake up in the middle of the night to help lead ausia events

  32. superr ninja says:

    Sir i am proud to be a sergeant major i really honor it and and i try really hard to honor it even more and i hope you can see it i recuit till i am banned for spamming im not asking for a promo but reconize me and understand i am working hard!

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