Recruit & Words For the Community

That simple.

Recruit (trained recruiters only). Also the words “Look Online” was censored incase you knew about that. I’m frustrated after how today’s battle went, I really wanted to give you guys a battle you’d enjoy but the AR would rather sit in a room by themselves and pretend they’re winning. Before RPF all CP armies would do is just sit idle on CP and talk on chat, we actually want to play CP. RPF is a CP Army being led by an old-school leader, back then armies used to run around the streets all dang long throwing snowballs at eachother and having fun. It was something everyone that played CP could enjoy. I retired in 2007. In 2008 Armies stopped recruiting so it’s been the same people and they got sick of CP and only chat in their army chats and when they do go on CP they don’t do anything. Those were the people running ‘cp armies’ for the last few years… When Summer started RPF returned and we got our members from Club Penguin, our new generation collided with the old and they don’t get along very well. RPF wants to be an army that throws snowballs and actually plays CP, most of the other armies just want to hang out in a chat room and talk about how they hate CP. I wish an army existed that were like us so we could have equal competition, the only army that comes close is Nachos and they’re too closed-minded to see the big picture and refuse to change the slightest, even if it’s for their improvement. They’d rather have smiley-face dance off’s and call them war. I’m about to just stop doing that and leave that behind, that’s the reason nobody takes CP Armies seriously.. Our battles don’t even look like a war. They look like Smiley-Face Dance Off’s. I’m changing the way RPF conducts warfare and if the armies we’re fighting call it a loss for us, that’s a shame for them. Cause we’re the winners. We’re the ones with the best sizes and having the most fun ever on CP while they are in a line having a smiley-face dance off. I want to host fun events more my members I really don’t care what the other armies think because in the end they will die because RPF is the big army having fun. They can invade our ‘land’ I don’t care, we’ve invaded armies entire nations and nothing happened and it didn’t change anything and vise versa. I’m done with that and that whole ‘process’ is a waste of time and harms all of our armies and this community. 50 People join this army a day, I know if I change our ways we can be able to keep those people and everyone will have fun each day.

About Rebel Penguin Marines Activated! December 2017.

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3 comments on “Recruit & Words For the Community
  1. Snow Flake R says:

    It is True they just sit in a room like cowards example:A cat chasing a mouse. they gather around and put smiley faces and click pics and i think they do tht to be popular,no one even bothers recruiting except RPF of course, other people join in ’cause of jealousy

  2. sporty2712 says:

    like I’m pretty sure it was the invasion of blizzard when we did it.
    WE did hunt and kill at the nachos, and they just sat there not doing the same thing, but sitting there letting us do it, and not trying to even have fun

  3. NeonRainbow says:

    NEW RECURITS: That is how our army is.

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