Here is a message from Elmikey to the Army Republic:

You are Bad.

The Army Republic can’t even fight us unless they use all their allies. During these battles I have seen leaders from the LT, DW and Nachos all in AR uniform and in AR chat during battle. On the otherhand if you look at RPF it’s all RPF MEMBERS. We’re over here fighting against several armies in a single battle. Since Nachos & AR are both at war against RPF and don’t forget the Greek Sheeps deciding they want to be AR’s Ausia division again so they can get away with invading during Ausia times (RPF wins every-time without scheduling).. They all assist each other in battles, when Nachos are fighting us I see AR and allies in Nacho uniform and vise versa when we’re fighting AR. This is pathetic, also I am watching your armies very closely and you are actually banning new people. You are anti-life. I Hate You and I hate you a lot you are the reason this game has been in darkness for the last few years. I cannot believe how bad of an army you are. In my terms you’re not a CP Army, all you do is stand in a line and dance and make smiley faces. You are pathetic and you know it. RPF actually wants to have a good time on CP and have a war, our competitors wish to just sit there and be unresponsive on CP and just dance in a line and call that battle. You ever wonder why you recruit so much and just nobody stays? Well That’s Why. This is why CP Armies have been in the state they are in and

I want to change that by changing how armies “compete” in battles

About Rebel Penguin Marines Activated! December 2017.

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8 comments on “AR YOU ARE WEAK AND BAD.
  1. great post time for my motto ‘lets make cp armies actually cp armies” -tompenguin6

  2. Nice >:D that will show ar what a real battle is >:)

  3. starboi414 says:

    Preach it Brotha. 🙂

  4. NeonRainbow says:

    Show them what we have 😈

  5. frigleder says:

    Anyone else find this post ironic?

  6. Anyone else see the ACP and DCP troops in RPF uniforms? Or your spies seeing how many we have on chat?

  7. Asialolz says:

    Preach! Preach!

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