Successful Invasion of Blizzard

New Years Day 2014

Comment Your RANKS Name if You Attended!

The Rebel Penguin Federation stormed the beaches of Blizzard and conducted a very successful invasion. The entire time the Nacho Army was in complete panic. Each time RPF invaded a new room the Nachos were unable to defend since we were double in size. The Nachos decided to hide in the Stadium the entire time and not leave. After a few minutes of doing tactics at the start of the battle I gave the ‘hunt and kill’ orders. No Nachos survived. Hunt and Kill means leave wherever we are and go on your own and open fire at any enemies you see. It was a ton of fun and we will surely do more of that in the future. I can only compare what I witnessed today to Mammoth 2007 at it’s best. This is an event I’ll never forget. We have taken our next step. Are YOU ready?

RPF maxed sizes of 60-65+

Pictures & More will be added soon!

About Rebel Penguin Marines Activated! December 2017.

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28 comments on “Successful Invasion of Blizzard
  1. i came! cp name:tompenguin6

  2. tooncreator says:

    i came (C4penguins)

  3. I attended, that was the best war ever, now who’s boss. >:D

  4. Nsew says:

    i came: Nsew

  5. Xariks says:

    I was there :’D

  6. Pvt. Red Kevin 11 says:

    I came CP name: Red kevin 11

  7. justchilman says:

    The RPF cheated. They used illegal tactics like multi-logging. The nachos were playing by the rules. Despite trying to cover up, you’re the real one who isn’t playing fairly.

  8. gionna4 says:

    I came 🙂 !!!

  9. sasuke 9999 says:

    i came im lance corporal

  10. Pvt. Red Kevin 11 says:

    To Elmikey

    I saw on the Nacho’s home page that they said that they successfully defended blizzard. I thought we won by successfully invading it? If you can, please respond.

    Soon-to-be private first class Red kevin 11

  11. Pookie437 says:

    I Came Rank: Sergeant (Gunnery Sergeant For when the invasion of walrus ranks are updated) CP name: Pookie437

  12. I attended! Rank: Private

  13. Aaaaaa22 says:

    I came, Private Marine

  14. I came! Rank: Corporal (airforce) CP name is Billy idol1

  15. waddles26813 says:

    I came. My ranks name is waddles26813

  16. Elmikey [U.S.R.P.F President] says:

    The Nachos never admit defeat no matter what. RPF can have 70 troops Nachos will have 30 and they will still post that they won.

  17. Dospies09 says:

    I came :^)

  18. zeroreploid56 says:

    I came

  19. cpworld2001 says:

    i was on cp but not on chat cuz it was sayin – u have been automatically logged out

  20. DklacdtRPF says:

    i came im gunnery sergeant

  21. DklacdtRPF says:

    EDIT:I will become a gunnery sergeant after u guys update the ranks

  22. Ghost says:

    I came :Stradivar

  23. Maniad says:

    I’m a staff sergeant CP name: Maniad

  24. Elmikey [U.S.R.P.F President] says:

    The RPF does not multi-log. Our chat size matches up to our count in CP, we’ll have 60-70 in chat and 50 on CP. And all of those members in RPF chats are RPF and on the Ranks. They are individuals. Do not listen to the Nachos false claims.

  25. Ranks Name: Dr Volk. I was there…

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