War with Greek Sheeps or AR Using Allies? Pick one.

Pj Edit: I’d like to point out that it was AR who asked for no allies. If you don’t want allies AR, why are you asking for them now just because you have no AUSIA division?

Well apparently AR has decided to falsify claims against RPF and declare war on us.  OK?  Quite confusing since RPF took all their servers when they decided to ignore our invasions and declare the war over-without agreement with RPF, because it was NOT over.  However, the current trend is for armies to make their own rules in this game and pretend they did not lose or that they still have servers.  In fact, the server Alaska is now owned by at least 5 different armies because everyone wants to ignore rules and claim it for themselves.  Anyhow, RPF loves action, that is what we are here for, so we have arranged an NO ALLY war with AR, yet they have requested the Greek Sheeps to fight for AR during Ausia times.  Ummmmm….


As seen on Greek Sheeps “blog”

Either Greek Sheeps have declared war on RPF posting invasions against us…or AR are using Greek Sheeps as ALLIES in a no ally war.  Someone mentioned to me that Greek Sheeps are AR.  However, Greek Sheeps are on the CPAC ranking of armies as its own entity/organization therefore making them separate army.  Hmmm…I don’t see RPF Ausia listed on CPAC because we are one army.   Obviously, the hypocrites AR who wrongly accused us of cheating (we did not, it’s called determination, dedication, and intensive recruiting) are bringing in Greek Sheeps for a no ally war.   I think someone had too much eggnog for Christmas.  Wary.


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41 comments on “War with Greek Sheeps or AR Using Allies? Pick one.
  1. nikunj67 says:


  2. D Kid12 says:

    LOL too much eggnog xD

  3. Ghost says:

    We shall shear them. Ausia for the win. *evil face*

  4. In my opion the Greek Sheep have declared war on us UNLEESS AR audia troops also come to the battkle. Also GreekSheep never officially declared war on us.

  5. Umm GS is our AUS/ASIA Division we just let Fluffy Sheep make an SMAC army out of it

  6. Snaily pc me when you have the chance so I can explain

  7. snaily5 says:

    That’s a bunch of bull. How about RPF find some army and claim they are our “us” division too?? This is pathetic. Greek Sheeps are their own army, separate army and you know it. AR used to be a good, honorable, but has since lost that distinction.

  8. They WERE a different army it’s like your Navy,Air Force and Marines divsions.

  9. Ask Sheep. GS is our AUS division just with a different name, they follow our rules, they use our servers, and so forth.

  10. snaily5 says:


  11. snaily5 says:

    Does our Marines, Navy, and Air Force operate with a separate site, chat, and on CPAC as separate entity??? Just keep telling that to yourselves and you might actually believe it’s true. But you aren’t pulling the wool over RPF’s eyes. 😉

  12. If you guys could read, you would see that GS was officially declared the AUS division of AR under a different name and website. They can operate that way entirely. Show me where it says the can’t. Just because now that you guys don’t have your AUS division to bail you out doesn’t mean it’s against the rules. Snaily, I don’t dislike you personally, but don’t be an Elmikey.

  13. snaily5 says:

    Burr, you are wrong. Do you see RPF Marines on CPAC, using their own site and chat, etc or RPF Navy?? Do you see ACP Ausia division on CPAC?? GS uses your rules, their CHOICE and your servers….it’s called ALLIES. 🙂

  14. snaily5 says:

    Perhaps RPF should ask DCP to be our pre-US division or ACP to be our pre-UK division then. They are also on the CPAC as separate armies, just as GS is. 😀

  15. Once again, GS was made a DIVISION of AR under our own terms. It’s called independent foreign divisions. It’s completely legal. Now just trying to find excuses just because you realized how bad RPF screwed up now.

  16. snaily5 says:

    So DCP could be a division under our own terms?? Intriguing.

  17. I like that idea lets get some SMAc armies to be an independant forign divison and then lets kick butt

  18. If they agreed to be under control of the RPF nation, yes, however you would have to make DCP your US division and give up RPF’s US division.

  19. snaily5 says:

    How about you give up lying and cheating and using allies GS when you have Ausia troops in your OWN army, AR, with the leader in training Ash leading them? Did you suddenly forget about them now that you have declared a unfound war and are using GS? You were NOT training Ash to be transfered to GS. XD

  20. Lol, we sent our AUS troops to GS because they are our AUS division. You’re trying to make up rules now. Face it, we out thought RPF and created our own advantage. You’re starting to make me see your true colors…

  21. snaily5 says:

    You are the delusional ones making up rules. GS is in fact a separate army in cpac.

  22. zeroreploid56 says:

    Burr, we all know that GS is another seperate army in SMAC, an indvidual army, you’re not fooling anybody.

  23. Fluffy Sheep says:

    First of all, it is true that Greek Sheeps is AR ausia division, and we should not be going on wars without AR’s approval, and we are to go on war with whoever AR chose to go on war with.
    Secondly, we do not appear on CPAC or SMAC top 10s anymore, since our events are counted as AR events.
    Thirdly, Snaily mentioned that the RPF navy, marines and Air Force do not use their own site or chat. (although i do remember these divisions used their own chats in operation arctic storm) However, nobody said that a division cannot have a separated site or chat. Look at ACP for an example, they do have a separated site, http://acpausia.wordpress.com . If RPF had felt that a separated site for their divisions would make their site more organized, then they could have done it too.
    And finally, Snaily, you claim we do not use our own troops, but i have pictures of some RPF leaders and owners asking people not in RPF if they could help for events.

  24. zeroreploid56 says:

    First off, we don’t need another site for AUSIA troops, we already have another section for that division so we would never need to do another webiste and complicate ourselves. All divisions are in the same website, same chat, same army. Change the title to RPF vs AR instead of RPF vs GS or we will say you are using allies and I’m pretty sure your invasions would be nullified. So you have to go with what you accorded. Also, bring it with those so-called pics, I will tell you if they are legit.

  25. sporty2712 says:

    they could use GS but the events would be invalid

  26. zeroreploid56 says:


  27. In which they declared themselves the AUS division of AR which they have every right to do? Isn’t RPF the army always blaming CPAC for the downfall of armies, but now CPAC entitles armies to the right of whether they are an army or not? Quit being hypocrites.

  28. snaily5 says:

    Yes, the entitled and identified Greek Sheeps as a separate army. Therefore, AR has requested the use of a separate army to battle their Ausia times. I’ve stated that repeatedly. 😉

  29. Lol, did you not just read Sheep’s comment? They aren’t even on CPAC, nor SMAC top tens any more. Their events contribute towards AR’s. It’s the same way ACP’s Ausia force worked. You realize now that AR has found a better AUS force, and that suddenly you aren’t so powerful anymore Snaily and RPF won’t just have it’s AUS force to take back every server they lose anymore. If you ask me, it’s pretty pathetic and ignorant on your part to still be fighting this argument when it’s clear that AR has not broken any rules and we have not brought in allies. Just because they use a different website doesn’t make them a separate army. It means they are more organized and evolved than your Ausia division.

  30. Now you make no sense… You’re basically claiming GS are identified as a separate army for no reason. Where are your facts? You call RPF’s other divisions Marines, Airforce, and Navy. Why can’t we call our AUS force the Greek Sheeps? Such hypocrisy…

  31. snaily5 says:

    I find it pretty pathetic that you don’t get the simple point that in FACT GS is a separate army as still shown on top 10 armies 12/22/2013. You have enlisted an army to fight your Ausia times. FACT. My sister has been training Ash one-on-one to lead your Ausia division and to build a division. Now suddenly GS is proclaimed the Ausia division of AR. Sorry, but you are the pathetic one because you are trying to shove lies down our readers and your army’s throats as usual. Please have some honor. I have yet to respond to Sheep’s comment. I am not home today, we are going to a church activity. However, I’ve said my peace on this and now I must focus my efforts on making RPF better and fun for my valuable troops because THAT is more important than debating with you, no offense. This is an important issue that should be discussed in armies though. I thank you for your perspective and insight.

  32. First off, CPAC doesn’t decide who is and isn’t an army. Second off, I’ve talked to Blue1 and he wasn’t aware GS declared themselves the AUSIA division of AR. He has told me he will fix it in future top tens. Whether they are in the top ten or not, doesn’t define who they are. They are legally able to invade you, and if you can’t accept that fine, AR will just take your servers one by one with both divisions.

  33. snaily5 says:

    FACT. CPAC does not recognize and rank divisions of armies.

  34. FACT. You were claiming that’s the reason GS was an ally therefor they couldn’t invade. So basically you are contradicting yourself. http://prntscr.com/2fnuzy

  35. snaily5 says:

    Believe it or not, I actually have a life today. I have to go now. Happy New Year Burr 🙂

  36. snaily5 says:

    1. My perception was we were having a discussion and not an argument.
    2. This discussion is “Far From Over.”
    3. 😛

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