Happy New Year!

Hello RPF,

For some of us it is 2014 already! For our UK and US troops, we’re still waiting for the new year to start. Whether it’s 2014 already or not for you, we’re all excited. A new year is a fresh start. I blank page. I personally love it when a new year starts, because I’m eager to dive in and see what’s in store.

I look at 2014 as something big, unknown, something ready for me to explore. I can put whatever mistakes I’ve made behind me, and leave them in 2013. 2014 is a great opportunity for all of us to do something great. And here at RPF, we intend to do just that.

Earlier this year we reached record-breaking sizes, the biggest armies have seen in a long time. We reached those sizes once again in our Christmas Chaos Finals battle. We’ve proved that if you put your mind to it, we can do the impossible. And you know what I say we should do in 2014? I say we should break those sizes, and reach the biggest sizes in years. But we need you to achieve this. So why not stick around for 2014? It’s certainly going to be a great year.

Make sure you comment below with your goals for 2014. I’ve given an example above, so come on, tell me yours!

~Sir Pj


Proud Ice Warriors 2ic. Former RPF Leader and Legend.

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4 comments on “Happy New Year!
  1. Cookiechoco3 says:

    My goals are to be successful in both IW & RPF, and to get my stories published on the IW story site.

  2. sporty2712 says:


  3. Ghost says:

    My objectives for 2014 is for RPF to get bigger sizes and hopefully by October (My Goal) to get to 3ic.

  4. NeonRainbow says:

    My goal is probably make help build the record for sizes and mod on chat?

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