Let The Bridges Burn

“We have come too far
to let our fulfillment fall away.
I must refuse to renounce my integrity.
We stand in defiance to their ethics.
Let the grief that they have inflicted serve as our call to arms.
Are you ready? Are you willing to be the catalyst?
We can no longer be indifferent.
Restore this dying world.
From misery we have turned away, ignite the past, let the bridges burn.”

The Rebel Penguin Federation has always been the only army who stood on the other side of the road, the only individuals who bound together to walk the other way. RPF was initially a federation, made up of different factions who all had the same idea and a common goal. Today, RPF is very different. A lot of people say that the RPF is different in a worse way. I’d argue the opposite.

Their army didn’t endure a solid five years of being in the shadows.

The RPF has watched while other world power sized armies have mutilated this community, successfully, and slowly taking the game apart. This game used to be a very friendly place. But powerful tyrants who’s only personality trait was to act immature made sure this was undone. Before the final act was set in place, the RPF came back at the beginning of this summer with a single mission. A mission to reconstruct what was destroyed, and make this community the great place it once was.

Has the RPF made hard choices during this mission? Yes

I wouldn’t say it was easy going against an establishment that was already set in stone, but the stone simply wasn’t strong enough once we proved that Club Penguin recruiting could still work. It also wasn’t easy going to war in the name of our ideals. Nor was it easy constantly being slaughtered by the current media.

But through it all, the RPF is still here, and it’s still a titan, and a force to be reckoned with.

You, the troops of the Rebel Penguin Federation, fight an unending uphill battle against unbelievable odds.

You come to our chat, and you know our enemies are out there, and you know they’re jealous of you. So you keep walking.

Our enemies visit our chat to gloat about their armies, in hopes that you will degrade yourself to become one with them. Instead, you keep walking.

Chat “hackers” proceed to threaten you in hopes that they will scare you away from victory. But instead, you only start running to outpace their intentions.

RPF troops, you are a tank, an inevitable winner. They have thrown everything they can throw at you, and you’re still ready to fight the good fight. What are we going to do? We’re going to do exactly that. Today starts the RPF vs Nacho Winter War.

RPF, you have bound together to be the good guys, the true winners of the day. That’s what you are, and that’s what you always will be, no matter what others have to say. RPF will stand victorious.

Bite Off More Than You Can Chew, Then Chew It.

~ RPF Founder Commando717

Let The Bridges Burn

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5 comments on “Let The Bridges Burn
  1. Kwi3 says:

    *sigh* Commando , Commando … don’t worry about us , RPF . Of course we will win this for pride. Of course we will win this for all our hard work. Of course we will win , cause we have the best of the best leaders. Of course RPF wont give up. And one importantly, Of course, this is….Dont worry about it….THIS ….IS…The Rebel penguin Federation! The one that spits on evil and say “Back-off , no need for you to take away our Pride” . Of course…RPF Is surely gonna win..not because how big our sizes, its because our RPF pride!

  2. snaily5 says:

    RPF is going to win because we have the best, strongest leadership AND the best dang soldiers in all CP armies! Together we are an unstoppable force that fights the good fight.
    Now, put your game faces on RPF because we are going to fight our penguin buns off and celebrate sweet victory.

  3. Eesca says:

    So beautiful and heart touching. 🙂 I remember me all by myself tried to make peace during the war with AR in November but instead you banned me from the chat so i couldn’t make peace.

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