RPF’s Tesitmonies


Welcome RPF! In this 2014 upcoming year, I would like to thank all of you troops for your participation for helping RPF with Victory.

As you can see,  you’ll be doing a short (or long) testimony about yourself of how you feel about RPF, how did you find RPF, and who would you like to thank mostly?

RPF have been through a lot lately this year of 2013. Ddosing, Hacking, Cheating, Lies, Rumors, Abusing, etc.   Throughout this year, it can be hard to have faith in yourself. We gather together as a family, and work together as a Team. We stand by side with each other, because that’s how friends should be. Being alone will be harder for you, but with friends by your side, your path will be easier while they carry upon you to success. As a family, we brethren are willing to gather together and come anew into this new year of 2014. Let us enjoy this Cold Christmas and have us to share how thankful we are in Rebel Penguin Federation. We, Brothers and Sisters, is an honor to show gratefulness and thankfulness unto this new year. Our journey in RPF will end soon, we will close up this year with our pride and victory. Thank you all for having RPF on top. Without you, we wouldn’t come this far. Hardwork, Teamwork, and Leadership is mostly shown this year, which is very great for us to have, and very lucky. This army is very diferent from others, which is actually a good thing. We are a family of RPF. We will unite together and show thankfulness to our Leaders of RPF. Also to you troops, especially. Thank you all for helping RPF in the year of 2013. Let us all have thanks to each other.

Example ;


CP / Xat name: 

RPF Rank:

How did you find RPF?

How did you feel about being in RPF?

Who would you thank the most? and why?  (2-3 people)  





Comment below and show how thankful you are!  

I know life is unfair, but this is fuckin' ridiculous.

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25 comments on “RPF’s Tesitmonies
  1. Lord Loyalty(Kwi3) ~God of World Peace~ says:

    CP / Xat name:

    Kwi3 / Lord Loyalty

    RPF Rank:

    RPF 3ic [Warlord]

    How did you find RPF?

    I was in CP Armies since Dec. 2012 in the ND. I was a little noob who keeps losing focus. 4 months later, I was chilling around CP…then saw a Penguin with Black Uniforms with a Spy Head Gear. I was amused by its recruitment. I heard ” Join RPF at clubpenguinrpf.com”. I went straight to the RPF site and bam! There it is, so beautiful, and how amazing the GFX are. Especially the Penguins with the Guns. So Creative! I was interested then joined RPF as a Corporal. Commando made me felt welcome and introduced me to RPF including the soldiers. It was way better than ND. I made new friends and had new ranks. Months and months, look what I become! RPF gave me spirit to work hard and loyal. RPF gave me wisdom. RPF made me wise and loyal. Which is how this person is created. “Loyalty” aka Kwi3.

    How did you feel about being in RPF?

    I feel so overwhelm with Family. RPF is my Family and I love to go here 24/7 to hang out with my Bros and Sis. RPF FTW

    Who would you thank the most? and why? (2-3 people)

    I would like to thank:

    Commando: I would like to thank Commando so much for being there with me as a Father. He was the only person who made me felt welcome in RPF when I first joined. He was the reason why I made new friends. Thank you Commando. I owe you big time. I’m glad your always there for me.

    Snaily: Yayy Typo Queen! And 99% lol. Well, I mostly wanna thank you too for also being there for me. You cheer me up everyday we talk. Your the funnest person to hang out with. You taught me how to stay on the right path for leadership. You taught me how to be wise! Snaily, your just too awesome. I want to continue more, but its too many. So I made this short. Thank you Snaily, I also owe you big time.

    Gorkyr: Wow, I’m so glad you came back. You were a legit friend. Also, a Sensei. You were my trainer back then in CPR. Djtg is also my trainer, yet I had a lot of people training me. But you were the coolest ones. You taught me how to be a cool person. I thank you for that.

  2. Seansam0 says:

    CP / Xat name: Seansam0

    RPF Rank: Gunnery Sergeant

    How did you find RPF? Someone recruited me :3

    How did you feel about being in RPF? I feel happy about RPF of being like a family.

    Who would you thank the most? and why? (2-3 people)
    I will thank Elmikey because he made this army strong and rise. I will thank the guy who recruited me ( I don’t know his name) because if I didn’t join RPF, we might lost the Christmas Chaos.

  3. Babycakes002 says:

    CP/Xat name: Babycakes002

    How i found RPF : Snaily recruited me c:

    How i feel about RPF: well its great of course however i just got banned from the chat for no reason what so ever

  4. D Kid12 says:

    CP / Xat name: D Kid12

    RPF Rank: Private 1st Class

    How did you find RPF? Somebody was using autotyper in a server and I was curious of what RPF would be

    How did you feel about being in RPF? I feel great being with the people in here 😀
    They’re so kind especially the mods and owners and they made their army safe for kids which is great 😀 the members are fun too and teamwork is evident during big battles

    Who would you thank the most? and why? (2-3 people)
    Elm, Commando, Snaily, Brooke and other important people that lead RPF throughout the year. They really made RPF awesome and big 😀

    ~~ elm edit: 😀 !!

  5. zeroreploid56 says:

    CP / Xat name: CP: ipodguy1 Xat: Zero/ipodguy1

    RPF Rank: Gunnery Sergeant

    How did you find RPF? Well, when summer was ending, I was on cp on an afternoon, then I saw this soldier named Benily24 recruiting at town, he was saying JOIN RPF! I thought, maybe it could be more fun than I usually have on cp but then I just ignored him, then he came again another day, when I already had started Summer. After saw him a second time, I decided to Join. I found this website by google and then I came to chat without even being applied. Then a kind officer named Ultipenguinj, gave me the application link and I applied. I was welcomed and I felt glad. I saw this webiste wordpress and xat and I had no idea of how to use them, I was not used of this programs, so I struggled alot and alot of people in RPF laughed at me whenever I failed or for not knowing something. I felt hated. I wanted to change my name in xat, I didn’t like being called WookiePin. So after 2 weeks later, I could tolerate no more, so I decided to quit. Then, my cousin, Jediknight57 joined RPF when I told him 3 days before I quit. I heard he had alot of fun and the victories he and RPF had against the Nacho Army during summer. I decided to ask him how to get used to that enviroment he got used to, in other words, how do I get used to RPF. Jedi taught me how to be a great troop and he taught me how to use wordpress and xat. So in September, I felt ready. I applied but then one of your leaders thought that Jedi was faking comments just because my comment had the same IP adress. Jedi tried to explain him that I decided to do it in him computer but then that leader denied me. I was so frustrated that I was about to give it all up. I came to RPF chat later and told them this quick thing: Even if I was rejected here, I will come back, you mark my words. So I returned and I applied a day after my cousin retired. My cousin is on a family crisis and I hope he had a good christmas. Rightnow in RPF, I am trying to use all his teachings to me, I am not trying to be like him, in fact, he taught me to be myself. So here I am, accepted in this army, willing to do anything for it. I am willing to defend this army no matter what, no matter the cost, and I will accomplish my goals in this army.

    How did you feel about being in RPF? I feel great 😀 I feel blessed to be in the right army, RPF is the only good army I know here.

    Who would you thank the most? and why? (2-3 people): The first person I would like to thank is my cousin Jediknight57, even though he wasn’t given credit for his heroic acts, he is still a corageous soldier, he taught me how to be a good soldier, he taught me loyalty, my mentor. Another person would be Mj, he helped me on my real come-back to RPF, he greeted me, too bad I don’t see him anymore 😦

    That’s my testimony here, it’s a shame my cousin wasn’t treated with attention here after all that he did to RPF. Alot of you leaders might say,”oh he didn’t do anything” but I know he did, you just didn’t see him, alot of you leaders and mods and other people on rpf were only focused on the ”cool guys” I know very well who did, I am not saying any names, you know yourselves but don’t confess it to me.

  6. Ghost says:

    CP / Xat name: Stradivar/Taibhse

    RPF Rank:4ic

    How did you find RPF? Well, After I retired from CP Armies because of a disease, I had to rest from my job and duties. After an operation, they said that I was cured. I had to rest for a few weeks, but when I was completly in good health, I had to get going on my job. I finally got onto Xat and met again my BFF, Snaily5. She was in RPF. It took me a few good weeks to think about re-joining CP Armies. I decided to join. I was given the rank of a 6ic because of my experiance. And that’s how I joined RPF.

    How did you feel about being in RPF? I love RPF. Everybody on the chat is always in a good mood. They treat people diffrently, not like other CP Armies, they take care of them. Only a few things bug me about RPF. I think that members and moderators should be taken mores serious. That changed, but we all still need to be ACTIVE! Without you guys, we are nothing. But together, we conquer and defeat ALL!

    Who would you thank the most? and why? (2-3 people) I would like to thank my BFF, Snaily5 for being a wonderful BFF for almost two years and an outstanding RPF leader! Also Lilstar, one of my favorite owner! And of course ALL the Members and Moderator for being such wonderful troops!!!

  7. snaily5 says:

    Wow Zero, I had no idea you had to go through so much to get into RPF. I really admire your diligence and determination. My apologies though, I would have certainly helped you and made things right, especially about the part where you said that you shared IP with Jediknight and the trouble you had there. There are many people in these armies that computer share, I’m one of them with 3 other siblings in armies. This should have never happened. ” alot of people in RPF laughed at me whenever I failed or for not knowing something. I felt hated.” This should also have never happened and I’m really shocked by this incident. In RPF, I expect everyone to be respectful and helpful to others, especially to the new recruits. We were all new at one time and should remember how insecure that feeling was of wanting to fit in and be accepted quickly. Nobody should have ever laughed at you. To my knowledge, I have never witnessed such an incident and nor will I allow this to happen while I’m online in RPF chat. I’m so glad you stayed and were so determined to become a part of RPF. If you should have any problems in the future, I want you to come to me personally and we’ll address them together. Our goal as leaders in RPF are to give you the most fun you’ve ever had, providing for you a safe environment to make great friends with one another. Thanks for having the courage to comment and be honest and open about your experiences. ~~Snaily5

  8. nikunj67 says:

    CP / Xat name:nikunj67

    RPF Rank:private

    How did you find RPF?my friend tell me

    How did you feel about being in RPF?good

    Who would you thank the most? and why? (2-3 people) snaily because she help me

  9. NeonRainbow says:

    CP / Xat name: Greenstar789/NeonRainbow

    RPF Rank: Colonel.

    How did you find RPF? Recuriting…

    How did you feel about being in RPF? I feel so comfortable in it and so fun to be in. Thank you Commando for making this army, and I think about it 24/7 I also memorized the time convertions (idk if that’s a word) like changing GMT to my time zone and stuff I love being in this army 😀

    Who would you thank the most? and why? (2-3 people) I would like to thank everyone because from the start I had fun and enjoyed being here. And I like to use RPF chat but Im not supposed to (wary)

    P.S I did something I dont know what but I am banned on chat can someone help me 😦 I did nothing… and no mods/owners banned be when I logged on I was banned…

  10. snaily5 says:

    CP / Xat name: Snaily5

    RPF Rank: Ausia Leader/RPF Advisor

    How did you find RPF? I was assigned to RPF by DJ

    How did you feel about being in RPF? This army is very different from all the other armies. The way it operates and communicates is unique and the environment in which we created for you is safe and generally friendly, respectful, fun, entertaining, and helpful. It allows everyone a chance to flourish and establish great friendships with one another. RPF stands up to the bad things about these armies and fights to make positive change for the benefit of RPF and others in the community who wish to enjoy the game and all if has to offer. The people in RPF are a very special group of amazing people too. Everyone has something to offer to RPF and we are very encouraging and supportive of each other. I see many motivated soldiers who go beyond their call of duty and make outstanding contributions. Our soldiers come fresh from Club Penguin mostly, but they are great people and are trained to be very valuable, quality soldiers who are loyal to what they believe in, which is RPF and it’s vision for armies. There is just something so special and unique about RPF that once you join, you’ll never really be able to ever leave it, it will always stay in your heart somewhere.

    Who would you thank the most? and why? (2-3 people)

    1. DJ: I would have never probably been in RPF if it wasn’t for DJ. He secretly assigned me to RPF (for good reasons–to help out the army) and gave me the opportunity to rise back up and prove myself worthy as a person and as a leader in Romans, rebuilding my confidence and teaching me more skills. I owe so much to DJ on so many different levels.

    2. Commando: First person I met in RPF was Commando on a secret chat. He trusted in DJ, so he trusted in me and I set out never to shame nor harm Commando or RPF’s reputation by giving everything I’ve got. I had to prove to Commando who I was, what I could do, and that DJ was right in his assessment of me. Commando and I are like 2 peas in a pod. We trust in each other and work very well together behind the scenes for the good of RPF. Commando is a genius, an problem solver, an analyzer, a strategist, a creative genius as well as an amazing close friend.

    3. Elmikey: The second person I met in RPF, just after I talked with Commando. I remember PCing Mikey and informing him of my position and he was clueless. XD. He was like, “oh yea whatever.” However, over the course of the following days, I began to prove myself and Mikey took notice. During the Nacho War, we were the best duo ever, working closely to win those battles and move RPF forward. Mikey stood up for what he/we believed in and we helped create the environment in RPF that we all enjoy. He’s a thinker, a strategist, very creative and very thoughtful. He wants to make this the best army ever in the history of this game and give all of RPF the most fun ever. He is not afraid to go against the grain or popular beliefs and is indeed the trend setter, the forerunner. He has vision and he has goals. He’s also an amazing person irl if you have the opportunity to get to know him that well. He really does care about people and wants to do good things in life. Many misunderstand Mikey and that’s a shame because if you would not listen to the propaganda spread by his jealous haters and talked to him for 20 minutes one-on-one, you’d see just how amazing this guy is. Does he make mistakes? Sure, don’t we all. Nobody is perfect, especially me.

    4. There are so many people I could thank, it would take the rest of this year to list them all, seriously. THAT is how amazing the people in RPF truly are and I’m honored to be a part of this army and serving YOU.

    Great post Kwi! 99% woo!

  11. snaily5 says:

    @Neonrainbow. I’m in RPF chat right now, please come and I will unban you. I do not see you in the banpool. Come to RPF chat please. 😀

  12. Mo10000 says:

    CP / Xat name:

    RPF Rank:

    How did you find RPF?
    a recruiter in CP,i dont remember his name…

    How did you feel about being in RPF?
    first i was like dissapointed cuz i was new in armyes and i had no friends,then i knowed Palm and everythging was funny,i do still keep the pictures of our doodles in my phone and i still remember how he once called himself Ryu,in the last summer,lots of things happened and i started liking RPF then i knowed StarvsBlack2/Rebel Pikachu,he is a very good friend,he has been with me too,and helped me being a good moderator as i am now.

    Who would you thank the most? and why? (2-3 people)
    i’d likke to thank to every owner here,Elmikey,Snaily5,Pj,Flappy,Kathy,Abhinav etc. and i would like to thanks to all my friends who were with me when i was new,Palmtrica and Rebel Pikachu/StarvsBlack2
    2-3 ppl would be too less,arent you thinking?!

  13. St Ransor says:

    CP / Xat name: CP: St Ransor Xat: St Ransor (Major General)

    RPF Rank: Major General

    How did you find RPF? I was walking in the town, until, I saw a penguin recruiting. He told me to search RPF. The person was called RPF Mikey.

    How did you feel about being in RPF? I was really exciting. Once I heard about it. I feel like a proper soldier now that I’ve joined RPF!

    Who would you thank the most? and why? (2-3 people)

    Snaily5: She has been an excellent friend, and every good thing I do, she praises me and gives me promotion. Snaily shows respect to all of her troops and tries to make things fair. Snaily shows a lot of concentration and sense of humor. She’s very nice, kind and gentle! Thank you Snaily! (hug)

    Elmikey: Elmikey has been as nice as anyone would. He tries to listen to his troops and is fair. Unlike most leaders in most armies, who are always in a temper, Elmikey is a happy leader at all times and treats his troops in a way that is kind and encouraging.

    Sir Pj: Sir Pj is one of those people who show humor and encouragement. He’s always a nice and gentle leader. Unlike most leaders in most armies that let their troops do whatever they want, Sir Pj would always tell you what is right or wrong.

    I also want to thank everyone who’s in RPF for their kindness. I especially want to thank the leaders that they’ve made RPF a brilliant and friendly army. Without you people, RPF will be a terrible army!

    *Fight the Good Fight*

  14. cpworld2001 says:

    1.)CP / Xat name:cpworld2001

    2.)RPF Rank:private first class

    3.)How did you find RPF?
    a recruiter in CP,i dont remember his name…

    4.)How did you feel about being in RPF?
    i liked it cuz all mem r like my bro n sis i never feel alone in rpf

    5.)Who would you thank the most? and why? (2-3 people)
    1.)abhinav54321 he is help full
    2.)elm he allway guide me
    3.)red n snaily they guided me n told about RPF

    i wish this army stay cool n friendly in futer


  15. CP / Xat name: tompenguin6

    RPF Rank: Sergeant Major

    How did you find RPF? It is actually really funny. I stopped playing cp for a bout 2 years. But one of my sisters still played. Every once and a while I would help her get coins and decorate or igloo.,Then, I saw a penguin recruiting.That penguin was Sir PJ. I thought it was just going to be a cp based game and we would have a secret hideout or ssomething. Boy was i wrong we had a website with great GFX and a chatbox. Since that day 3 months ago I still am a troop of RPF. Even though some of you may call me a noob for only being in cp armies. I most likely know more about them them then you. I read every CPAC,SMAC, and CPAF article every morning. I also have been army hopping those months from ice Hounds, to ACP, to Parkas. But I wasstill in RPF the whole time. RPF is diffidently the beast army I ever have been in and will been in.

    How did you feel about being in RPF? Like I said before it is awesoeme!

    Who would you thank the most? and why? (2-3 people)
    I would like to thank a ton of people who have made RPF what it is today.
    -Elmikey: He is cpac person of the year, legend of they year and he deserves both of them. He brought so many people into this community. He has guided me along the way to becoming mod.
    – Lilstar: she has been friendly to me and other new members since day one. She is a great person to represent the RPF. I didnt get that much time or even know her when i started. but now she is one of my Best Friends in RPF.
    – Abhinav: Your in ausia but still find time and stay up during US times and events. Good luck leading auisa someday! Your also one of my best friends in RPF.
    – last but not least, Blake (Vdaman: He retired in what I call “the great retiring stage of 2013. He retired, flappy retired, jediknight retired, junie retired, cool retired,
    Ransor retired for a short bit of time,and Andy semi-retired. Blake and cool were some of my best friends. *they both were my first two xat friends ever. Blake was my role model. He was a nice, friendly mod. cool helped me get more involved with RPF. I still see cool every once and a while and read his posts but never see Blake. I hope he un-retires.

  16. LilStar says:

    CP / Xat name: LilStar

    RPF Rank: Leader

    How did you find RPF?
    On July 9, 2013, I saw a group of penguins recruiting on Abominable (My favorite server) and one especially helped me (Elmikey’s Penguin). I asked myself “What in the world is a CP army?” So, I searched online the Rebel Penguin Federation and logged on to the website. I was like “OMG! THIS EXISTS? OMFG” and I looked over the entire website trying to memorize as much information I already could about RPF. I then got to the join page where I was actually really scared to join. What helped me most was Snaily’s Parent Page because that made me say that this is just an army full of kids who want fun on CP like me. So, I joined and that’s when I realized there was a chat! Elmikey made me a member and I became a Private in the Rebel Penguin Federation. I joined right when RPF was in war with the Nachos in the Summer. The battles were huge. RPF went from 500 recruits to 1,000 recruits.

    How did you feel about being in RPF?
    The best part about RPF, is that they are the 1 army who does this for fun. We accept all troops and just want the best possible to make it a fun and loving community.

    Who would you thank the most? and why? (2-3 people)
    Brooke Silver Voyo Kwi Tompenguin Ulti: BIFFLES. WE SHOW ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE IN RPF.

  17. Asialolz says:

    CP / Xat name:
    Asialolz/ I don’t have a name there!
    RPF Rank:
    How did you find RPF?
    I was just chilling in CP when, bam! I saw some penguins in black telling us to join, so I looked up RPF, and man was I hooked!
    How did you feel about being in RPF?
    The best part about RPF is that they don’t discriminate against girls or other races and things like that.
    Who would you thank the most? and why? (2-3 people)
    Sir PJ!

  18. Palmtrica says:

    cp/xat name: CP: Palmtrica xat: Palmtrica_rpf
    RPF rank: private
    How did you find RPF? well i hadnt played cp for months and i decided to go onto a quiet server to just chill and i watched a war (rpf vs ar i think) and i liked the look of the rpf but i thought it was just some friends playing but a few days later a bunch of ppl were recruiting and so i decided to look it up on the web and it was a real army when i first joined i tried the chat but idk why but i didnt have the courage to speak to anyone but then i met mo10000 and that changed everything i used the humour i use in the outside world to amuse ourselves and i still keep our doodles in my pictures on my camera.

    how did you feel about being in RPF?
    like i said i didnt have the courage as i had off the computer after i met mo10000 and my other friends i was more courages and then i started to talk more like i would irl and i was happier than usaul. then at my first battle i was able to participate and focus more.

    who would you thank the most? and why? (2-3 ppl)
    i would like to thank all the owners of rpf and my friends just to name a few mo10000, perry, and all my other friends that i have met i would have never got this far without all of you thank you.

  19. snickers4763 says:

    CP / Xat name: Snickers4763

    RPF Rank: Private

    How did you find RPF?
    I was hearing a lot about RPF on CPAC and various army chats. I heard a lot about Elmikey and how he was using autotyping to recruit. I also heard about how RPF had won the Christmas Chaos finals and was going to war against DW. I was interested. Before I was in RPF I had been in IW for 2 weeks, but it had been really boring because we had done nothing except for a few tactics sessions and some recruiting. I felt IW was too stagnant. The RPF sounded like a interesting army where things were going on. It sounded like an army that was in its prime. So I joined RPF.

    How did you feel about being in RPF?
    I guess once I joined RPF, I was a little disappointed because it wasn’t exactly as exciting as I hoped; the war with DW was canceled by a treaty. But still it was a good army. Everyone on chat was respectful to each other, and I appreciated that. I also liked how Elm emphasized recruiting so much.

    Who would you thank the most? and why? (2-3 people)
    Tom – I talked to him a lot and he was helpful
    The Bot

  20. ultipenguinj says:

    CP / Xat name:
    RPF Rank:
    How did you find RPF?
    I was in Nachos, but I had this friend named Keane on CP. I have a feeling he was a rogue, since he knew absolutely nothing about battle gameplay, and trained me incorrectly, but he told me about RPF. Having known how to sign up for Nachos, I signed up for RPF. I was in both for a little while, but the Nachos were being inapp. and crap, so I left them. My original mission was to get both armies to stop their war, but ya know, that didn’t work out so well, so I gave up and went 100% into RPF. :$
    How did you feel about being in RPF?
    I loved it.
    Who would you thank the most? and why? (2-3 people)
    Wow. So many people I could thank. If you aren’t on this list, I still would like to thank you, though, for making RPF what it is today.
    1. Kwi
    2. Snaily
    3. Vo Yo

  21. christian says:

    CP / Xat name: canlas855

    RPF Rank: private first class

    How did you find RPF? very supportive and welcoming

    How did you feel about being in RPF? very comforted to help others

    Who would you thank the most? and why? lilstar and elmikey and ahbinav for anserwing my questions and welcoming me and just showing me around

  22. Lord Loyalty(Kwi3) ~God of World Peace~ says:

    Wow! So many thanks to eachother! This is a great time to share our thanks, I guess. All this thankfulness has given us the Pride to go on unto the new year of 2014! 😀

  23. ℓσя∂ zєηιтн | ƒιgнт тнє gσσ∂ ƒιgнт says:

    CP / Xat name: Andy

    RPF Rank: Dormant soldier.

    How did you find RPF? I was always a rogue in CP Armies. I came here on my own.

    How did you feel about being in RPF? Being with a herd 😛 Being with like-minded people, finding similar interests in others, chatting and battling. It’s a perfect base for developing our comm, internet, and even diplomatic skills!

    Who would you thank the most? and why? (2-3 people) Snaily5, she’s the one who helped me rise up the ranks from moderator. PJ, and Elm, learnt a lot more than a few army skills from these two. Rocky, Abhinav, Mo, Jediknight, Blake, Brooke, Lilstar, Vo Yo, Hefman and Ultipenguinj, all of them my prens.

  24. Mo10000 says:

    Andy thank you 😀

  25. Crose003 says:

    CP / Xat name: Crose003

    RPF Rank: Sergeant Major

    How did you find RPF? I was recruited on CP

    How did you feel about being in RPF? I thought the concept of armies in club penguin was really cool, and i liked being part of a team

    Who would you thank the most? and why? (2-3 people) Elm, he recruited me, redgush, he helped me figure things out and get going with CP armies.

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