Coming Soon: The Complete History of 2013

Hello RPF,

I have lots of thing planned to finish off this year on a high note, and I’m here today to give you a little taste of one!

I’m currently working on updating the History Page for this year, and boy is it gonna be great! After tirelessly going through every post from this year, I’ve nearly completed this year’s entire history! Every single important date from this year will be on it, and it will be great for anyone who wants to learn about this generation of RPF some more.

To give you all an idea of what it will be like, I’ve added a short preview below:

9th July – Snaily5, who eventually becomes leader and an RPF legend, is promoted to 2ic.

10th July – RPF defends Alaska from Nachos.

12th July – RPF defends Arctic.

13th July – RPF Daily is introduced by Sir Pj, an attempt at an RPF Satire Site.

17th July – RPF Invades Ice Box.

17th July – Red Gush14, RPF leader, retires.

18th July – Lord Pain is made leader.

19th July – Snaily5 and Djgtjvgyhxgy retire in protest against Lord Pain.

20th July – Tuxedo is re-invaded

21st July – RPF wins the Legends Cup Round 1 against Shadow Troops.

I hope you all are excited for it, as this will be the official record of this generation of RPF.

~Sir Pj


Proud Ice Warriors 2ic. Former RPF Leader and Legend.

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4 comments on “Coming Soon: The Complete History of 2013
  1. great i will learn a lot from reading that!

  2. Crose003 says:

    and then dj turned evil 😦

  3. NeonRainbow says:

    I’ll have fun reading the whole history *grabs popcorn*

  4. ℓσя∂ zєηιтн | ƒιgнт тнє gσσ∂ ƒιgнт says:

    Looking forward to the complete history of RPF. I hope I’m in there. 🙂

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