CPAC Person of the Year

Hello RPF :D!  I have amazing news, Elmikey was named “CPAC Person of the Year.”  Along with Snaily5 coming in 10th place in the poll.  Both descriptions can be found below, and the whole post can be found here. Click “Read More” for their descriptions.

Elmikey’s description:


The Unwelcome Idealist

The Rebel Penguin Federation was an army many argued was to stay dead. It had not been relevant in our community for years; the “RPF” that existed was a bunch of washed-up politicians who liked to argue and change their government type every month or so. I would know; I was part of that RPF. Then, someone came and changed everything. Someone who was responsible for quotes like, “The CPAC style of warfare is to blame for us not getting 1000 troops a month.” That someone was Elmikey, the undoubtedly most talked about person in the eight months RPF has been with us this year.

No, it’s no secret that the history between Elmikey and myself hasn’t been one filled with friendship. Most people outside of RPF — who, granted, worships Elm — would probably feel the same way. From CPA Central, to the Nachos, to the Army Republic, all kinds of people, armies, and organizations have fronted off with Elmikey this year. And while the idealistic leader is someone who, arguably, would not have been missed had he not raised RPF from the dead this year, Elmikey has been debated more than any other person this year. At the end of the day, the root of Elmikey’s principles are good. Sure, he may be too firebrand to be their figurehead, but the idea of combating cyberbullying in armies isn’t a bad idea. No, I would never devote my time to it. But that doesn’t mean others can’t.

Elmikey has risen the Rebel Penguin Federation from the dead this year. He challenged and later defeated the titan that was the Nachos. His army worships him, and he is one of the most controversial figures in our community today. And for all of those reasons, good and bad, Elmikey is named Person of the Year 2013.

Bluesockwa1, CPA Central CEO

And along with Snaily5’s


The Prodigy 

Snaily5 is considered one of the friendliest CP Warfare members, along with having a stern leadership method.  Throughout 2013, she has been both targeted and praised for her actions.  But none the less, 2013 was an outstanding year for Snaily5, causing her to be considered one of the most esteemed members in CP Warfare this year.  Her first major involvement in CP armies this year came with the army ACP.

Earlier this year, ACP elected Snaily5 into their vacant 3 in command rank.  This arose some discrepancies within ACP due to the fact that she was still considered a “Noob” at the time.  Though her 3ic rein was short, she did wonders in ACP, receiving many various medals and awards.  All of this came to an end when she was involved with a scandal involving HSA’s Leadership, which lead to an embarrassing post alleging the existence of a CP Illuminati. After being removed from the ACPSIS, she soon left the ACP.

She made a return to CP Armies by leading the Romans along with Dj.  With Snaily’s assistance, the Romans reached CPAC Top Ten levels. The death of the Romans caused her to migrate to RPF, where she quickly rose through the ranks landing herself a leadership rank.  She has done many things that have allowed RPF to be where it is today.  Some of these include creating a training regiment named “RPF Boot Camp.”  While in RPF, she crafted a very successful AUSIA, all while attending a outstanding majority of the US division ranks.  She is considered to be the heir of the presidential position in RPF, and in remembrance of that journey from an ACP nooblet to a successor to Elmikey, CPAC names her “The Prodigy” this year.

–78652cool, CPA Central Associate Producer

Congratulations to both of our leaders!

-78562cool, Ex-RPF Leader

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9 comments on “CPAC Person of the Year
  1. snaily5 says:

    LOL, thanks so much 785662cool! ❤ Nooblet. XD #RPFnoobNerd4Life!

  2. snaily5 says:

    Congrats Mikey! 😀

  3. brigade3 says:


  4. Congrats Snaily 🙂

    ~~Snaily5 Edit: Thanks brigade 😀
  • snaily5 says:

    *blushes* thanks ❤

  • brigade3 says:


  • congrats to everyone on that list. I dn’t agree with most of them but I still think they deserve to be on the list, Congrats Elmikey and snaily.

    ~~Snaily Edit: Thanks Tom! Thanks for helping us fight the good fight!

  • nikunj67 says:


  • kathy8479 says:

    Congratulations Elmikey & Snaily ❤

    ~~Snaily5 Edit: Thanks Kathy! Someday soon it could be you or anyone in RPF. You are the wind beneath our wings and YOU guys make RPF the best army in cp.

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