You want it? You Can Get It.

The DW have decided to post this. RPF will defend. 



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9 comments on “You want it? You Can Get It.
  1. justin says:

    defend tuxedo

  2. Sonictom5 says:

    Ill Probs come but not makn promises (yes I have a life outside rpf)

  3. Police doe says:

    I’ll make it if I get unbanned in chat

  4. I can come -tompenguin6

  5. Richard Davis says:

    So going. I hate this kind of turn of event.

  6. Sorry guys I won’t be able to come tomorrow because usually I’m online around 10am or 4pm PST around this time zone. 😦

  7. Ghost says:

    I might not come, sorry guys 😦

  8. bigbuny says:

    Ill try!! Should be able to hopefully if plans dont change and what showing we see is after (Hobbit)

  9. snaily5 says:

    Poor sportsmanship on DW. :/

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