This is It.

Everything we’ve done has led up to this moment. Today is the day of the Christmas Chaos Finals. We defeated ACP in the Semi-Finals with sizes of 85-100. Today I do not know what to expect, but I do know one thing for sure… Today’s battle will most likely be the most historic battle in CP Army History. We expect everybody to Attend. Today is the day that we show the world nothing is impossible. We will fight, and we will win. Also, during the battle do not leave the rooms that the leaders say to go to, we need everyone together.

– President Elmikey

About Rebel Penguin Marines Activated! December 2017.

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3 comments on “This is It.
  1. Elmikey [U.S.R.P.F President] says:

    The picture in the post you previously commented on shows 80+ RPF Members. That does not include all the RPF who were also in the town, and other rooms.

  2. Elmikey [U.S.R.P.F President] says:

    We’ll see about that today.

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