Elite Recruiting Team

Elite Recruiting Team.

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3 comments on “Elite Recruiting Team
  1. bigbuny says:

    Ok im confused. Is this post meant to be blank? OH! just saw the link lol nevermind XD

  2. Walrus999 says:

    Name on xat: Not a xat member,sorry.

    Name on Club Penguin: Walrus999

    Are you registered on xat? No,sorry.

    Are you a cp member? Yes

    Are you entering to win CP membership or XAT? CP membership.

    How active in RPF are you and what is your rank? I am new.I have not come in any of the events.But i will come in the next event.My rank is corporal coz I am new.

    Why do you want to win?
    Because i wanna buy the member items.See the cool RPF uniforms for members,i wanna get those.

    Why do you think you should be the winner?
    Because I had search for free membership for years.

    What’s your favorite ice cream flavor?

  3. Walrus999 says:


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