Defense of Tuxedo

Since the Dark Warriors suffered a tragic defeat against us in the tournament finals they are now going to embarrass themselves further by invading the RPF Capital.



Sunday, December 22nd, 2013

Server: Tuxedo [Most Likely]

Times: 5:30pm EST, 4:30pm CST, 3:30pm MST, 2:30pm PST, 10:30pm UK/GMT

Be on Chat 15 minutes Early

[Massive Battle]

If they want it, they can get it.

All RPF Attend! 

The DW continue to make false claims on their website, they claimed they won the tournament and making up things about me and RPF. Well, anyway the trophy will look nice on our site. DW can continue lying to their members we really don’t care what they make up. But one thing is for sure, and it that we’re not gonna take it. DW, you pulled every dirty trick in the book in attempt to make us lose. You have no honor, your troops don’t support you and you’ve made fools of yourselves once again.

When Darkness Falls.

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9 comments on “Defense of Tuxedo
  1. Richard Davis says:

    Oh great. Now us and DW may no longer be allies!

  2. Doodet123321 says:

    We can do this again guys!

  3. Sorry guys I won’t be able to come tomorrow because usually I’m online around 10am or 4pm PST around this time zone. 😦

  4. kathy8479 says:

    I’ll be there. We’re coming, Dark Warriors.

  5. Club45672 says:

    I’ll try to come guys

  6. Ghost says:

    Sorry guys, I can’t come. 😦

  7. bigbuny says:

    I shall try my best to come. (might be going to see the second Hobbit movie right around then or right after, but ill try!!

  8. Starvsblack2/Rebel Pikachu says:

    i can’t come I need to go to bed early im tired been out all day

  9. Reblogged this on Galactic Penguin Force and commented:
    Wow, they are just sore losers, aren’t they? Let’s crush them

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