Kwi3’s returning / RPF Video

Hey Rebels! If you haven’t heard, I’m back! Not as a RPF Reporter, I’m back OFFICIALLY!

During my quest, I was homesick. I wanted to go home (RPF) and stay with family, yet I had to accomplish my goals.

During my Adventure:

I left RPF because I dreamed of exploring the whole CP Armies and stay in it within 2 months! It was hard being in them because it was way different than RPF. and importantly, they were BORING! Especially their schedule. EVENTS and EVENTS and EVENTS and EVENTS! All they care is how much they have maxed then when its over, go home and be boring. Sucks! No fun at all! Staying in the Narrow Path is hard, yet you have to focus on the right thing. Rage quitting was overwhelming me, but… the good thing about my adventure is that I made NEW Friends all over Cp Armies. Meeting new people and making new friends is my favorite thing to do. Made friends with Jerry, Freezie, Spi, Taco, Nikki, Owlcity, Mustapha, Tory, Flipmoo, and many more leaders/legends/etc.  ! It was a great time, but this disease I still have.. It was “Homesick”. Yea…RPF then came straight into my mind.

Memories / Coming Home with Happiness

I missed RPF. Not just the fun in RPF, its because of Family. RPF is my founding father. I joined Cp Armies in Dec. 2012. First joined NDOCP [Night Divers], was a big noob though.  I was inexperience and lazy. 4-5 months later, I see Commando recruiting. I was interested, then joined RPF as a newborn little brother. I was happy. Stayed and stayed till I became experience and knowledgeable. Can you believe it? RPF is the reason why I’m “Loyalty”. RPF is the reason why I’n “2wise”. RPF is the reason why I’m experience. Thanks to RPF, I was able to reach my goal. 5 months later, I was in SWAT. I went to visit RPF, then brings back memories. I couldn’t wait for a year! So then…the words suddenly came out of my mouth, “I’M COMING HOME NOW! I’M REJOINING RIGHT NOW!” to Elmikey and the whole RPF. We were all happy. Elmikey was like “AHHHHHH YESSS!”. You know Elmikey, afterwards, he then said “Now you can recruit with us!” . Yes, Recruit. Sure brings memories back in Summer of 2013. Stayed awake 2 days for recruiting. I was full of pride which was a bad thing. Too much pride is bad. Staying awake for 2whole days of recruiting. Never do this at home, kids. Back to what I’m saying, I felt so welcome that even my Brothers and Sisters were full of joy!

Remember my quote Rebels, ” Defeat can’t stop us from falling….We win…with Teamwork” – Kwi 

Adventure Continuing

I still haven’t accomplish my goals, I got plenty more left to do. A great compromise I have to deal with. Enemies and Wars everywhere. Madness and Hatred, Cussing and ungratefulness, Selfish and Pride, Gossip and Rumors, Hacking and Ddosing…. All too much complaints in CP Armies!  So I decided to stop all this madness…I am unable to do it alone. I need peers on my side to help me create peace. The “Peace Makers” is the new organization. No site or chat, just a ordinary organization. We will not fight, we will congregate. Help us bring Peace over Cp Armies! Comment “I will help bring Peace”!  This will be our symbol in Xat

Xat (copy and paste this in your name if your a Peace Maker) =   ۞

Example: Screenshot_9

Peace Makers Introduction

Peace Makers are a organization of people who still believes in Peace. Peace Makers are helpers who gathers along and bring peace unto people. This organization will do their best to change CP Armies. This shall be unto History of CP Armies forever. It will never fall.

This RPF video was made a few months ago, this is just the FIRST one. The 2nd one will be made soon in the future. Enjoy!

World Peace cooltext1338074450

Edit: When I said Peace in Cp Armies, I mean Peace into those people who are selfish with attitude or Leaders disrespecting or abusing troops. That needs to change”

I know life is unfair, but this is fuckin' ridiculous.

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6 comments on “Kwi3’s returning / RPF Video
  1. theviper2001 says:

    I will help bring Peace. I am with you all the why loyalty

  2. ultipenguinj says:

    Hey, Julian. Guess what? RPF is not gonna die. Not anytime soon. So you better go back to your hidey-hole, cause guess what? RPF is FAR FROM OVER.

    On another note, good to have you back, Kwi.

  3. Lord Loyalty(Kwi3) ~God of World Peace~ says:

    Some of you think Peace will end Wars. Well, when I said Peace, I meant Peace in Languages, and Self-Control, and Attitude. Not Wars. We still need Defense.

  4. theviper2001 says:


  5. ultipenguinj says:

    Reblogged this on Ulti's CP Army Blog and commented:

    My friend Kwi coming back to RPF! Welcome back, bro.

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