Where is the Ausia Schedule?

We have a new location for the Ausia Events Schedule!  It will not be posted on the home page of this site anymore.  Instead I have created a new page just for Ausia!  On this page I will post the week’s schedule and any messages to my Ausia troops that are of importance.  You need to be checking this page every day because sometimes I make updates and changes.

To get to the new Ausia Events, click on move your cursor over “DIVISIONS” on the top menu bar of the RPF site.



Click on “Ausia Events” and you will be taken to the Ausia schedule.



All of RPF are invited to participate in Ausia events and often times PST and GMT time zones are possible for many.  On my Ausia schedule, I ALWAYS show times for US and UK as well for these purposes.


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3 comments on “Where is the Ausia Schedule?
  1. RebelForce says:


  2. abhinav54321 says:

    Thanks for that snaily, I hope Ausia will rise more and much larger than it was before!

  3. snaily5 says:

    You are all welcome! Get the word out about the schedule location and encourage them to check it daily.

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