The New Awakening

I haven’t given you guys a post in a while, and I think you guys could use a good one. I want to do some recapping on how RPF is doing and where RPF is going. A lot of you are new, so you should be brought up to speed.

The Rebel Penguin Federation is nearing an end of an era right now. Eras are usually changed through leadership elections, or some times simply duration of time. RPF has fought numerous armies this year, and has lived to tell to tale. Better yet, RPF managed to conquer some armies completely. If you went back a year ago, you would find a Nacho Supremacy. The Nacho army at this point is barely breathing.

The 2013 RPF has earned it’s place amongst the others in 2007 as the members of the greatest generation. RPF stood up once again to a titan that nobody thought would fall, and came out victorious. Was it through war? It was during the summer, but most of all, RPF’s ideologies won the day in the end. As the behavior that the Nachos quickly became unpopular, so did their army’s strength.

Like all threats to Club Penguin Armies, when one falls, another one takes it’s place. Now I could argue right now that RPF itself for a time period became unnervingly like other evil titans. But this only happened because of an unstable leadership that at the time was unfit for running a newly large World Power. I don’t think anybody is prepared when they get there. As things were ironed out, so was our stance in matters. During this time period RPF deconstructed the Light Troops, and nearly brought the idea of cyber bullying in armies to it’s knees through the help of the New Dawn Alliance.

This was all until the Army Republic came back with their figure head Burritodaily. Like Puckley, Burrito is very influential. But I would argue he is in a very manipulative way. He took the bad PR RPF was getting, and then took Elmikey’s personal opinions as justification for the destruction of the RPF. The AR pitted multiple armies against us to make sure RPF would simply fade away, so their way of running things would rule once more. After losing battles, and taking a beating, RPF stood strong. RPF did not simply walk into the shadows. RPF hardened. RPF strengthened. RPF made new alliances. RPF showed the world it’s view point. Burrito constantly argued that Elmikey was this real cyber bully, but in his ruthlessness to get rid of Elmikey, he became one himself. The AR lost it’s allies in the war, and troops left AR due to unfair treatment.

Burrito further more ruined Boomer20’s reputation by convincing him that RPF was illegally fighting a war, as we “had no servers”, according to AR, without any justification for why that would be the case. I’d say it’s pretty hard to claim an invasion is illegal in the first place when there are no rules to define what is legal and what isn’t.

AR claimed victory in that war, but I can rightfully say that RPF aren’t the ones fading into the background of history right now. RPF still stands here, and it still stands strong, fighting for what’s right, and fighting the good fight. RPF’s divisions have been conquering AR servers, and even Toboggan- the AR Capital itself is now in USRPF jurisdiction.

At the end of the day, the bad guys simply don’t win. This is what the good fight is all about.

Now, some have been asking, what actually is the good fight? Well here’s some of the things that the good fight is:

  • Fighting for what’s right.
  • Taking out armies who cyber bully the community
  • Targeting manipulative leaders and ending their reign of power
  • Standing up against mistreatment against people as a whole
  • Making Club Penguin Armies a safe place for everybody
  • Making it so Club Penguin Armies can actually be Club Penguin Armies

For so long Club Penguin Armies forgot about where they came from, and for so long did armies simply run on the notion that Club Penguin isn’t a favorable game. Club Penguin, in our current situation, is the life blood that allows this game of ours to exist. To forget about that, to scare off new recruits, and to just be a jerk to everyone as a whole will end this game. When RPF came back in May, the Nachos were running this game just like that, and Club Penguin Armies were doing horrible.

In conclusion to all of this, another vivid point that has caused so much fighting here are the ambiguous, non-enforced, and non-existent, Club Penguin Warfare Rules. We’ve always just defined things as we went along, and that worked for a long time. But leaders like Puckley and Burrito, who simply lost respect for actually playing this game, make the need for these rules ever more greater. Later this December, my website for working on these rules will reopen, and hopefully through the help of legends and leaders alike, we can all make a standard basis for how we play this game, and determine the victors of battles fairly.

This is the beginning of a new awakening.

Along with this, RPF aims to rid this community of the idea of cyber bullies, and make this a safe place for all Club Penguin Army members. RPF aims to fight for what’s right, and that’s what it’s going to do. If you think that this is a worthy fight to be fought, the Rebel Penguin Federation is the army for you. We don’t fight because we want to, we fight because we have to.

The good fight has never been an easy fight, but it’s the best fight around. It’s the hardest thing you can do in Club Penguin Armies, and this RPF did the impossible this year.

RPF’s next era will only see more success, and I hope all of you will be around for it.

#RPF2014 – Are you ready, soldier?

– Commando717

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17 comments on “The New Awakening
  1. RebelForce says:

    I AM CERTAINLY READY TO FIGHT THE GOOD FIGHT IN 2014 TOO ARE YOU READY?!! The beginning of a new era…. awaits

  2. RebelForce says:

    BTW I was camping the RPF site for this :mrgeen:

  3. RebelForce says:

    :mrgreen: *

  4. PinkRatGirl says:

    Good speech. It brought tears to my eyes even if I haven’t been in RPF for long.

  5. kathy8479 says:

    Fight the good fight & stay rebelling 😉 #RPF2014

  6. Boomer 20 says:

    It’s awfully irritating that you’d claim my reputation “ruined” simply for being in an army your army declared war on. If you went outside the protective bubble of RPF chat, you’d realize your reputation has been dragged down nearly to the level of Elmikey’s because of your consistent public support for him. You’ve also developed a reputation for being two-faced because you badmouth Elmikey in private and say you’re going to do something about him and then praise him in your posts. You have very little respect outside RPF anymore and I’m sorry you have to hear that from me. I have never once publicly criticized you in any of my posts, but you’ve attempted to do so to me in nearly every one of yours. For what purpose? I still have a number of good friends in RPF who unlike you have not turned a Club Penguin war into a catalyst for breaking down relationships and criticizing friends at every chance you get. Under the guise of fighting cyberbullying, even you yourself have fallen guilty of public and personal attacks against other members of our community, and this is why almost no one respects RPF’s cause anymore.

  7. I’m not trying to break down relationships, but if you’re going keep posting in CPAC comments as to why RPF shouldn’t be as high as a rank as it is- that is literally just as bad as Burrito, and I’m going to call you out for that since it’s completely unnecessary to do. If that was all it was, I wouldn’t have a problem with that either, but you’ve also tried to claim through “rules” that RPF isn’t an army, which is basically using your status to win the war on words for AR. Speaking of Burrito, and me being “two-faced”, I did do something about Elmikey. I told him publically I’d support the majority of RPF, I asked the other RPF leaders what they wanted to do. I asked the soldiers of RPF about what they thought. They told me “We want Elmikey” and “This wouldn’t be any fun if we were loved for everything we do”. Elmikey leads differently than I do. He makes enemies, and he’s not afraid to do so. So for that, I give Elmikey props, and that’s why I didn’t just “kick him out” like AR wanted me to.

    At the end of the day, Burrito, me, and you, are not the RPF Leader, and me and you need to be responsible for trying to keep Warfare fair. I was stunned when I saw you arguing that RPF had “illegal” invasions.

    The difference between me and a cyber bully on here is that I call out leaders and armies who are blatantly abusing power, and you can see that I’m right in this call because Proteus’s cousin quit AR because they were openly abusing him on chat. That’s the coldest thing I’ve ever read about on here.

    My reputation could be dirt for all I care, all I know is that the army I created isn’t doing that to members of this community, and I will never support one that does.

  8. Commando, you’re damn lucky I wasn’t leader, because if I was, you’d be posting this on a dead army’s website.

  9. Also, your claim on Proteus’s cousin are ridiculous because he’s only around 10 years old and naturally gets mad at the army his cousin leaders when he fights with his cousin as family does. Only you would truly believe he was being cyber bullied by his cousin.

  10. Lord Loyalty(Kwi3) ~God of World Peace~ says:

    Very touching, sir. *salute*

  11. Beeky128778 says:

    I take it that you don’t like us, Commando.

  12. I’m not your biggest fan, Beeky, I can admit that. But I no longer hate the Nachos, which is my first step on my road to recovery.

  13. Burr, if you get any more upset you’re going to hurt yourself.

  14. Commando, you think you’re some god of armies. I respect people who only show the confidence they earned unlike you who seems to act like you single handedly created armies yourself. As far as I’m concerned, you can get bent. I had respect before I realized you were just a two faced liar so desperate for RPF’s success you would talk to me while righting lies in a post simultaneously. I don’t care what your thoughts are of me, Boomer, or AR because I’m not going to sink to your level of arrogance. Have fun in the shell of ignorance.

  15. bigbuny says:

    Great post

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