Ranks Pages Merged

Note: Attend today’s Christmas Chaos Battle! There is a countdown to the right of this post.

Hello RPF,

Until now, the US and AUSIA divisions had separate ranks pages. This meant that there was 3 different pages, which caused lots of confusions. Today Elmikey and I decided that it would be best if everyone was on one ranks page. US troops are unaffected by this, but AUSIA and UK troops have been moved to the main ranks page HERE.

Your rank may have been changed slightly, but you are still above and below the same people, so do not worry. Moderators are also still mod on ranks.

~Sir Pj


Proud Ice Warriors 2ic. Former RPF Leader and Legend.

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3 comments on “Ranks Pages Merged
  1. zane327 says:

    i came for promo and rpf

  2. bigbuny says:

    ok cool 🙂

  3. RebelForce says:

    The new ranks page is more confusing to the older members in RPF. I got demoted somehow and my name is there 2 times on the list. I want the old one back but, I dont know how it goes to the other members of the community…

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