Igloo Party Turned Battle

Today, Wednesday December 11th… RPF logged into Arctic for an igloo party at Elmikey’s igloo but found the AR in the town. RPF immediately attacked. Here are some pictures from this unexpected battle. RPF maxed 20 and averaged 15, sizes were low because some members chose not to get on for an Igloo Party. If we had known we were going to battle AR we would have been much larger. Anyway the battle was very close, since the RPF had better tactics and did more of them I declare us the winner of that battle. Here are some pictures from the event.



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3 comments on “Igloo Party Turned Battle
  1. brigade3 says:

    Well done

  2. bigbuny says:

    I was there! Yah we needed more people! Love the diagonal X pics!

  3. Pinkratgirl says:

    I still was a little disappointed that the igloo party was canceled but beating AR made up for it all!

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